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Motives behind gang stalkers!

Expectations from the targeted individual!!

Why targeted individual?

How targeted individual should act (do not react but act).

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Book Review: Medical Apartheid

Book Review on Medical Apartheid. (Written by Dr Harriet a melanin Doctor)

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It all begins with the melanin.

Once upon a time, there lived a race who was minding their business in a continent called Africa (melanin race) We loved our life. Respecting our creator. Close to nature. Loved our brothers as ourselves. With men that are extremely protective of his immediate family. Which may entail his brethren and parents or his wife and children and the women that make a home and keeps it united and obey only God almighty.

Then came diabolically perverted race who in their quest to prove they are god unable to practice self-control in their own lives but choose to control the world, unable to cure their biological inadequacy but delusional mind believe they can cure a perfectly created melanin race. Melanin was Striped away from Africa. Destroyed any form of realization of the truth in our culture in other to lose the sense of identity. Forced into slavery. Our men castrated for their huge genitals, our women raped, their virginity stolen, used as an experiment in the laboratory.

Practice all kind of dehumanizing things to keep us physically strong but psychologically weak enough to be dependent on self-proclaimed slave masters.

Medical Apartheid: European experiments on African bodies

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Unfortunately, centuries have the past but the calculated enslavement of the melanin race is still evident till today. The Albinoid race has their total existence depending on us to survive and they’re not begging to have what belongs to us. Thier program right from birth to take by force what belongs to us, abuse with little or no repercussion through e.g

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1. Discredit the educated or well-informed Melanin people.

2. never promote the contributions of melanin people in the society eg LINK TO THE PAGE OF MELANIN CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE WORLD BUT DENIED THE GLORY) importance and relevance in the society so they will not be motivated to take their stand and their superiority, instead cripple the melanin race with persecution,  psychological enslavement, gang stalking and reverse psychology, the melanin race is reduced from the melanin giant into a dwarf through mind control and reverse psychology.

3. Frame the melanin and keep them in jail were thier forced into total submission to dehumanisation, sexually abused to reduce to gender confusion and slavery in prison.

4. Keep them divided and promote hatred amongst them (Mind control).

5. frustrate their general productivity and never promote any achievements of their race. For the pruductivity of the melanin means genetic analation for the albinoid.

6. Mislead them at every given chance. Brainwash thier children at a tender age to self-hate cripple their mind, when young and they are ruined for life, (He who controls the mind controls the man)

7. Destruction of the melanin family, discredit the melanin men, stripe them of their dignity as a man and focus on making them jobless and redundant and mislead the melanin woman. In other to create melanin genocide and promote interracial productivity were the melanin woman carries the seed and breeds the albinoid seeds the melanin men sticks his penis in a hole (Gay, life style forced on him out of depravity) that is full of shit and produce nothing, while the albinoid man sustenance of thier race is through the melanin woman. The only obstacle to this is the melanin men (That’s why the Melanin men will struggle, to make them incapable of facing his many responsibilities) if he ever has a job it will be too draining and slavelike that he still will not be able to take care of his manly responbsibilities as a man to his wife or fatherto his children their by a broken jome is his only hope.

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A secret is not something unrevealed but something told privately. It is not an hidden fact that a different set of ethical standards has long prevailed against the melanin race (Do not allow the Lion tell the story of the giraffe, for the lion will tell the story from a stereotype point of view) let the giraffe tell its own truth.

As a female melanin race I strongly believe that an informed person who is silent and not involved in the reeducation of the melanin race is equally guilty of the lathel abuse of the melanin race.

In my blog (Melaninandalbinoid Live) I choose to become an Avenue of healing, reeducation and freedom to the melanin ppl, not make little of the eternal psychological, emotional, physical abuse and strategically orchestrated enforced slavery! Modern slavery!! (till date) on the melanin race, and targeted as guinea pig for Western medicine.

Even though many before me and my humble self has avail ourselves but the Melanin race needs to be curious about history, not the lies been thought in schools (written by the lions) but the REAL truth about the melanin race ( what you know as a melanin race will save you, dear melanin ppl, do not be angered, bitter or unforgiving but knowledge will make you and I less vulnerable to diabolical madness.

I will make reference to some books written in truth.

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1. Medical Apartheid. (A must read for the melanin race)

Is a book that reveals the bitter truth of the endangerment of the melanin ppl by mad albinoid scientists who comited atrocitie that makes me sweat out of extreme fear reminding me of European scientist who created deaths camps to exterminate melanin ppl who was targeted for the abinoids german army 30yrs b4 the natzi.

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This book must be read by all who seeks to be well informed about our past as melanin ppl.

This book (medical apartheid) focuse on abusive racial research by albinoid scientists using melanin ppl as guinea pigs in other to perfect medications procedures and technics, melanin pills made by the melanin people’s blood stolen in the hospital from melanin patience.

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It reveals many evil created by albinoid scientists using melanin as guinea pigs, pretending to cure and heal melanin person but only using that melanin to know how long the illness can kill without attempting to heal that melanin person

She also made mention of how all this scientific madness is mostly backed by the authority and how lies! upon lies!! upon lies!!! upon !!!! had been thier cover up.

The conclution is that. The lathel madness is still existing in the hospitals till date.

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slave-gut wrenching


Dr. Harriet Washington of Harved medical school. melanin Doctor.

I love you all.

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