Book Review: The Mis-education of the Negro

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Carter G Woodson

This book is profound. Reading this literature has provided a perspective on the present condition of the melanin people. This book is more than a piece of literary history; it is the lens with which we should use to reevaluate our education, our family and our commitment to building together with the albinoid race or alone a helping system that benefits all. What I admire and respect most about this book is how it specificslly senticised and illustrates the power of education and knowledge. Related image It explains how miseducation can make people unfit to solve their own problems and how a proper education can lead to freedom mentsl freedom. I whole-heartedly believe that the neglect and continued twisting of the truth in melanin peoples History taught in the school system as well as the blatent distortion of the facts concerning us in most history books, has gravely deprived melanin children of their heritage, and relegated them to state that I see today- a perpetuated feeling of nothingness. What I see before me is the product of the aftermath of the truth of what was intended for melanin people.

Related imageImage result wey dey for The Mis-education of the Negro

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