Book Review: ANALYSIS: Black Brain, White Brain – The new wave of racist science By Gavin Evans

Here we go again!!!! Albinoid will always discover, rediscover, rediscover every way to justify their hatred towards Melanin race.

This writer claims that difference in race is an impediment and that looking at different populations, groups etc filled with differences with all kind of genes that differ from others EG sickle cell aneamia people that are poor. The melanin race have a lower IQ and melanin people according to him are lesser intelligent than the white race (Mr Writer Low IQ does dramatically increase the chance to be in poverty. That is common fucking sense) please do not mistake Slave age AS WEAKNESS, it does not qualifies a perticular race to be Superior or inferior, I believe the silence of melanin race has qualify us to be less intelligent???) I have nothing to review in this book than conclud that it is a racial biased bull crap.

Brain Packer stated in his impression on Gavin evans book review !!! Fail !!!! The author Gavin evans has a PhD in politics and is a journalist, NOT a scientist. His scientific hobby has not given him the ability to dismiss some of the most salient claims. Therefore, he focuses his need to be ‘right’ by dismantling bad science. Yes, Mr. Evans, IQ tests are not scientific, however, neanderthal genes are spread everywhere but Africa. We know from the black fox study in Russia that fur color and small changes have huge effects on intelligence and behavior (domestication). Bottom line, you searched for information that backs your initial claim to be right, not scientific. Your book is just as worthless as the books it claims to debunk.