The living gives praises. as a Targeted Individual I am greatfull I have not been destroyed by Evil persecution but continues theft of my personal belongings, racial hatred.I know that is just a matter of time, as I hold on to my dignity and God, things will fall into place. Justice Is from heaven and Actions are taken here on earth. Gang stalking is an evil crime against innocent ppl, I intend to fight till I win against gang stalkers who has spend most of thier time doing what they do best, DESTROYING GOOD PEOPLES LIFES. I Intend to publicise the whole COURT CASE as I know they would try to manipulate justice, intimidate and bully me with power, Lawyers I visit has been visited and they have back out on taking my case, I have already deposited and filled the case against my gang stalkers and thier immidiate is that I am already been set up for destitution (to have a clear means of attack, easy set up atmphere and easy means of false accusations) as I am been lied against and without prior information found my luggages on the 27th of November 2017 on my birthday, outside of the hotel I live and has been traumatize, and emotionally tortured throughout my stay, though I have filled a report, it is an illegal act in italy to touch ppl properties in thier absence but when Gangstalkers are involved even the law can and may be manipulated, they abuse the law and twist the end result to make you look like the bad guy and delinquents are portrayed as the victim.
Lawyers are already intimidated but I believe paying a human right lawyer will definatly be the best. SURPPORT and fight Gang stalkers so i will not become one of the statistics they destroy.

Thier major attack is to hinder me from working or creating my own independence and self employed work and they have influenced ever institution theough lies and false accusation on not assisting me including agency for abuse against women Bolzano and Bressanone.

I request an international human right lawyer that can work in Italia juridiction. And also funds to back up all legal and sustenance bills. NOONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.