Mindset (Where the mind goes the man follows)

As an advocate against gang-stalking program, an evil program that has been practiced  for so long to silently destroy innocent people with high moral standard, it is a program meant to harass people untill subject themselves willfully to evil control, which is done by  shutting down the economics, social influence, emotions, and mental life of the Targeted Individual, been a target myself by this defeated demon controlled losers.


I do believe all targeted Individual should focus on mental attitude and not what we see the gang-stalkers do neither what they threaten to do, your mind is your world, only you can control it with the full cooperation of God all mighty, in the name of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy ghost, keeping a positive mental attitude, and avoiding the negative mental poison such as hatred, revenge, resentment, un forgiveness, envy, jealousy, greed etc because this is a waste of energy that can be used for positive and constructive things to grow yourself (Redundancy is were they always try to place the Targeted Individual because that way, the mind may be easily intruded because it is free from constructive information or any information at all), the fact that they want to keep you poisoned in the mind they know it is the only way you can be CONTROLLED for their own interest, Svengali  (wherever the mind goes, the man follows) the gang-stalkers has no desire to physically harm any of us but allow you to ruin yourself by putting you under stress, anxiety, continuous harassment, trauma and defamation campaign, demoralization, is all an attack against the mind, for you to willfully make a wrong choice.

  1. Attacking finances is to make you vulnerable to make wrong choices under pressure that can lead to incarceration or institutionalized.
  2. Attacking social influence is to make you feel vulnerable and to be easily criminalize or incriminate the target.
  3. Defamation campaign is to demoralize and create negative energy against the targeted individual etc.

It is all done to achieve one thing, to take control over the mind of the Targeted Individual. whoever has the key to your mind controls it.

that is the reason a gang of deranged psychopath are networked around you 24/7 to harass you, and invade wifi connection, stalk you all over, destroy social influence, and use only psychopath, perverts,criminals, gang bangers, molesters, ex convicts etc to participate in the attack because this are individuals that naturally are hateful and sadistic by nature, so they are delighted assisting in terrorizing, afflicting pain on others without reason , while the focus should be on the mind, the plans is for us to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the world, subdue the gang-stalking opposition and dominate. nothing should take our mind off this, because the mindset should be positive and not negative.

our outer world is a reflection of our inner mind, our mind is our world, persecution may be hard to handle emotionally but the better we can focus and not loose control because our world is created with the help that creator God will step in to sustain us. we do have a mind that can fight and win evil, this reason was the son of God Jesus was made manifest to destroy the work of darkness.

as satan rule the human race through sex, having an over sexed generation under his control, just like in the days of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah when the demons of perversion in the people wanted to defile the angels because they smell purity, the same way we as targeted individuals are smelt in the spiritual realm.


  1. Live in forgiveness, compassion and wisdom, abuse of any type should not be tolerated.
  2. The paradox of giving attention to demoralization attack means that you spend precious energy on people that are nothing, that will never be nothing and wants to infect you with nothingness, so why waste time with NOTHING? grow your mindset with positivity and avoid negative and toxic people. understanding who are friends and who should be avoided, most people are willful participant because of a price, monetary or a favor, they coax people into participating like that.
  3. Change what you can, and pray about what you can not change as wisdom is the wealth that no one can take from us.
  4. Do not allow any form of mental enslavement, as this is the way the gang-stalker can have full control of our life, harassment to demoralization unto submission is their tactic.
  5. Separate yourself from toxic atmosphere where you cannot grow. an environment that seeks only to abuse you, take from you and misuse you.
  6. Read and nourish your mind with positive information.
  7. Invest time into building and try as much as humanly possible to avoid the tension created by gang-stalkers and their perpetrators, and submit totally to creator God to reward all effort with success.
  8. setting your goals in-spite of the persecution and work to achieve all through the divine assistance, it can seem mission impossible on the outside but we are focused on the inside not what is going on, on the outside.
  9. keep your integrity intact, gang-stalkers are gang-stalkers because they have zero integrity, they are liars and breed liars like them (their number one weapon)
  10. let money work for you, no matter how little it is. no one can stop you but you (If God is for us who can stand against us?) Who can lay any charge against the elect of the Lord?

Gang-stalking is a mental disease by demonised psychopaths, who hires non intelligent people equally demonised to participate in harassing people with high moral values. unfortunately they are also infiltrated in position of power, economical and legal power.