Help Mate

An helper comes to help you

The men are Gods original purpose for the family, The woman is an helper, an helper is equally strong or stronger, a woman is not in competition with anything because she is an incubator of power and strength to multiply but for woman to help a man He the man needs to have a project he is working on, as an incubator she is frustrated if she has nothing to help, while men has been paralyzed by the law of the land, thereby loosing their masculinity, men has been reduced to just a robot that goes to work to bring money to the woman while God created man to be the authority, the protector of the woman, the provide of te family, that is the reason God made he woman to be the help mate (the helper of the man) because were their is no vision the people perish, th children becomes defiled, the woman becomes wayward becomes she was built to help a man that is doing something.

Now because the woman is loaded and a power house to multiply she begins to help herself, build her own businesses, create her own world and the man can no longer fit into the picture, MAN NEEDS GOD, because we have turned upside down the laws of God with the law of man and it has turned everything opposite of the original plane’s of God. because everything has been perverted, woman that is supposed to incubates a mans vision begins to build her own, a man is supposed to germinate the ovaries with his sperm but now he is filling up shit hole were he is fruitless.

man is supposed to protect the woman but it is the woman who is supposed to be the encourager has been made by the law permits to wear the trousers in the house, OH LORD HAVE MERCY ON US. we need God, we are messing up everything, we need God to get us back to reality. the male and female needs to be managed by the law of God not the law of the land.

Gang-stalking is against humanity, against the laws of God, against Peace.

The greatest weapon in th hand of the oppressor is the mind of the Oppressed



Building a nest with broken branches

This is a personal letter to all the Targeted Individuals that are Chosen Individuals by God, I am 15 years Targeted Individual myself and in this personalized Predatory attack on the moral lifted  Gods children.

Dear Targeted Individuals by the defeated Kingdom of darkness but Chosen by the victorious Kingdom of Heaven,

Though Gang-stalkers meant for the demoralization attack to kill, steal and destroy you but one thing I realize in my personal persecution is that, everything works together for good for them that loves God and them that are called according to his purpose, God is able to use the attacks (chemical, physical, emotional, psychological attacks), persecution, demoralization, defamation, shame campaign etc for His good. how, turn your pain to Power and your test to testimonies.222

how, stop giving demented psychopath power to build negativity in your heart and mind, satan is an attention seeker with all his demonised, zombie, human armies, they are not important enough for our attention, give them no attention and they look for the person that will give them, the more they attack the more you get strength from God the creator to sustain you, the more they marginalize and limit your progress, the more you fight against redundancy by creating your world for progress, don’t even give them attention to fight them, turn your fight to building because that is actually what they are fighting us for, they do not want us to amount to anything so we would be vulnerable to be victim of every circumstance they trow our way, gang-stalking is satanic harassment to harass us until we submit to the worship of satan.

2222God created the world with His words, we can create ours with the same words only in the name of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the hand of God. fallen branches are like the Targeted Individuals, who have lost everything they labored for, wealth, friends, money, even inner strength to fight because the persecution is to demoralize us, wound us in our heart then the mind will continuously meditate on the hurt that can not be deleted by the heart because it is e repeated attack, the SAME attack, they attack you repeatedly with te same thing, the name tag they defarm aou with will be repeated used, the network type of harassment is repeated and every other thing because they have an hidden record of all the Targeted Individuals who areChosen Individuals by God for His glory, all over the world, fallen branches dry up and can begin to get rotten but! wait!! so what can we do to make something out of the fallen branches that is destined to weeder away? Unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever think or imagine, when we pray, we call on the name of Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judea, when Jesus steps in, that is all you need to resurrect the fallen branches, Jesus will not magically transform things though he can, but he will take you back to the fallen branches and assist you (the targeted Individuals who are the chosen Individuals) pick up all the fallen branches, you may look at Jesus Christ and say, but Saviour what are you going to do with fallen branches, dead, Jesus Chirst will then assure us, yes, though they may be dead but I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE with the power of resurrection Jesus restores the fallen branches spiritually, though physically they look dead, then Jesus Christ touches our hands and turn it to His, the potters hand and we start adding fallen branch after fallen branch until a shape is formed, by the time we are through with the building we have built a nest, we have built a house out of a dead and fallen branch.

but we can only do this through the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ.


The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppresed. sotherefore FAITH your fears, ELEVATE your mind AND RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO PANIC.

Love you all, but God the creator loves you more


with Love

Lady Abimbola

United Europe of Gang-stalkers