Attitude (Belief system)

Attitude is the product of our believe system, you can understand someones believe system by their attitude.

The reason the demoralization attack of gang-stalking focuses on the mind is because they are focused on changing our belief system, our attitude is all around the perception of who we are, perception of our existence and no amount of training or titles can change this. cultivating an attitude to think outside of the box, don’t join clegs because they only limits our belief system.

what others do can never stop you from realizing a perfect belief system, choose your friends and do not allow people to choose you as friends , most time ppl want you for what you can do for them, so you choose the people that thinks like you, sees what you see and has a belief system similar to your own attitude and your altitude will grew because of like minded ppl you surround yourself with.

an eagle fly, chicken and ducks flip around, so an eagle mindset person sees the storm as an opportunity to fly higher GREATEST REVENGE IN LIFE IS SUCCESS, mindset, belief system, attitude. flying in the storm, when all odds are against you, shows the mindset, its not the people that will stop you from flying but mindset, but a right environment is also needed to grew, any place that place you in stagnancy and redundancy is not the right place to reside.

people who are not doing nothing with their life want you not to do nothing with your life, ppl that are miserable wants you to be miserable like them.

The mind of God, the mind of man, we posses that capacity to excel, we self discover ourselves having someone teach us in schools our attitude, your belief system controls your actions (Attitude), success keeps the right people around and if you can not find the right people you can as well remain alone.

the gang-stalkers focus on destroying our belief system to have easy access to control (he who controls the mind, controls the man), harassment, demoralization, defamation of character is all about wounding us emotionally so our mind meditates on the hurt.

gang-stalkers wants to hold us back to fulfill satans plan of destruction for mankind but exposing yourself and free our minds from mental slavery, we discover our strength through pain, but do not hand over that which should make us great to someone else to make them great. gang-stalkers her thieves. we should know we have an attitude of grace despite any condition that marginalize us.

I am like my father in heaven, almighty creator God, and all things work together for my good because I love God and because I am called according to his purpose, His mind is in me as it was also in Christ Jesus, I am more than a conquerer in all situation

the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed

Lady Abimbola