A Comforting God, is our God

Hello again, I hope you have been blessed with my recent blogs, pls do visit also my you tube channel and subscribe LADY ABIMBOLA.

My blogs both video and written are all about motivating the Targeted Individuals to stand their grounds and maintain their sanity in the severe persecution against us, yes, I am also included, in fact most of my blogs are all about my own personal persecution, theft of my properties, countless forced relocations, extreme and severe shame campaign to humiliate me with lies ( attempt to demoralize me unto submission) every were I go but in all I never gave up hope in God and I am turning my trials, trauma to strengthen the others, my desire is to empty hell with the direction of the Holy-spirit and take back Gods children from the hands of satan the devil. 2

Though we are targeted by the defeated Kingdom of Darkness but we are chosen Armies of God, satan is using a distraction technique on us, if we will not submit to him, then he will distract us from our mission, while we are busy talking about him and all he is doing to us, we give the nuisance satan and his brain washed zombie armies cheap publicity instead of talking about the might of God in the whole persecution, instead of telling showing people the only safe place is the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we scare people and confuse them more by focusing on the persecution and thefts, yes we need to talk about it but we do not need to let it end there we need to show people how God defeated satan in Heaven when he planed a coup d’etat against God almighty to over throne the might God, we need to talk about calvary when Jesus the son of God defeated and shamed Satan yet again, we need to talk about when we were snatched away from the hands of satan while he was leading humanity to hell and today he is still defeating him and all power belongs to God and also unto him belongs mercy on the Targeted Individuals, we need to talk about the comforting God, a father to the fatherless, a mother to the motherless,  a husband to the widows and the singles. Comforting God is in control not noise maker like devil, he only barks, snap, snarl, growl that is all he can do, God is in control. satan is playing with our 5 senses to destroy ourselves (More on my upcoming video SOUL HUNTERS)

Proverbs 18: 12: The name of the LORD is a fortified tower, strong fortress, mighty tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. The forces of darkness trembles at the name of our Lord Jesus, so it is the only safe refuge for all who are under persecution of the predatory satanic, narcissistic gang-stalker. 1.jpeg

the war on the human race is over the soul (watch out for my new you-tube video SOUL HUNTERS to be out soon. Satan will do everything to arrive at stealing our soul, he would befriend us, he will fight us, he will lie against us, humiliate us, instigate tension against us through crowd to shame us to scorn, persecute us, everything.

if he can not get us to bow quietly and give up our soul, he will do everything to drag us to hell shouting and throwing fits in the air but any how he wants us in hell with him but only them that trust in the Lord and walk in wisdom shall be strong and do exploits and the Antichrist spirit after the human race will bow and submit to the authority of God in us.

Endnote: The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the Oppressed. FAITH your fears, ELEVATE your mind and RESIST the temptation to panic for our God is a fortified tower the righteous run to it and they are safe.