Heavenly Coup d’etat

For the people that knows me, you know already that my blogs and you tube channel is an Inspirational and motivational Blog for all the Targeted Individuals but who are actually empowered Individuals, we are feared by dark forces who gang-stalk us 24 hours, wifi violation, gang-stalking with different people who stalk ors continuously round the clock, the truth is that this are armies of hell that has taken over human spirit, who has only the mission to Stop any for of relationship with God almighty.

but in all this gang-stalking persecution and predatory attack God is hoping we would stand our grounds and join forces with him to help us destroy Satan and his bunch of armies unlashed on the human race.

Gang-stalking first happened in heaven by Satan the devil grouping the angels of God and brainwashing them to rebel with him against God, they had one mission, and it is to over throw God from His throne. He tried but he failed woefully, and he was casted out of Heaven.,,,,,