The Man and His Mind

The Mindset

I am focused on Motivating the Targeted Individuals realize an important element in the program that sort to mind control everyone, and enslave the human race for destruction, for us to be an object of attack, that is a clear sign that their is something mind1greater and worthy to be feared by the attackers, Gang-stalking program is focused on destroying the mind of the humans that are refusing to be controlled, or manipulated by group mentality and turn everyone into a walking zombie without any form of free will, what makes us human is because we have a soul which means we are built to think freely, decide and make choices independently. the mind which logically and understandably is the main focus of attack by gang-stalkers is also the very mind we need to be extra focused on ourselves as Targeted Individuals.

The purpose of demoralization is to break down the self esteem of the targeted Individuals, who are saints, high moral free minded and empowered Individuals. the Mind controls the outcome of the man, as a man thinks in his mind so shall he be, the man goes were the mind go. so the attack is against breaking down the mind, weakening the brain and destroying the penal gland.

the truth of our life is in the mind, refuse to allow your mind to be infiltrated with impure thought created by the gang-stalking harassment, persecution, defamation of character, blackballing from the society, 24/7 harassment, fault finding etc you do not have to bow down to the level of the beast, we can still choose despite everything and the choice we make will either make us stronger or pulls us down to the level of the beast, for example fear, uncertainty and indecision creates slave mentality, draws towards us failure and hopelessness, bitterness, resentfulness, hatred and un forgiveness draws towards us torture, persecution and failure. you see that the gang-stalkers are just playing a game were you are assisting them to make their destruction mission easy to accomplish. but you know what? it is never too late to buckle up because you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Destroy Negative Energy

The creation of negative energy around the Targeted Individuals means that an heavy cloud that will hinder our process of transformation into christ, we can free our mind from impure thoughts as the atmosphere of negativity is created to drawn us to the level of the beast, be disciplined in your mind and pray for divine strength as Meditating on things that are pure, good report, love and hope purifies the filthiness of the verbal onslaught of slander and defamation campaign, knowing everything works together for the good of them that loves God and them that are called according to His purpose.

Man is a SPIRIT who lives in a BODY and has a SOUL

The Body: functions through the senses, HEAR, TASTE, SEE, TOUCH, FEEL

The Soul: which is our WILL, EMOTION and INTELLECT then receives and process all its signals from the body and transmits to the spirit who carries out the finishing touches on the information received from the body, so as an empowered Individual who has been chosen by God, so do not allow the persecution to limit your strength to the level of just the senses (what you see, their threat you hear, the poison they may feed you with (Taste), the touch and your feelings of dispirited is very toxic).

The Spirit: which is totally connected to God the creator decides how the story ends for us, based on the information given by the soul, passed unto the soul by the body. now this is the process satan the devil does not want you and I to understand the strength in our spirit. let us go back to creation.mind2

In the beginning God formed man with the soil, created man in His own image and breathed upon him (given him His spirit but also a soul for him to independently make choices even the right to serve God or not) a clear evidence God hates any form of mind control. so when our senses indicates a negative energy is formed against us, we first of all declare that No weapon formed against me, shall prosper and all who has risen up against me in judgment I shall show to be in the wrong, because this is my heritage as a child of the most high God and my righteousness is not of me but of Jesus Christ who has redeemed me out of darkness into His glorious light. This declaration cancels the plan of darkness over the atmosphere we abide and make to no effect every lies told against us to draw the judgment of the human spirit against us.

the mind is the power center of every human and it is absolutely important to ask God to help you have control as you train your mindset to the divine purpose of God the creator.

Divine Intervention with inner strength

Calling upon the name of the Lord for divine Intervention is also very necessary because a determined foe never relents in their attack but they are no match with Jesus Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judea, our Saviour and our King, as we hand over the battle to our Lord Jesus Christ, and cast ur burdens upon Him who cares for us, the only responsibility we have is to make sure our destruction does not come from our own mind, satan is powerless, harmless and no threat to Jesus Christ but as an arch enemy he plays with our mind and through the lust of our own flesh he destroy the undisciplined human, a person without divine knowledge, a Luke warm Christian, a person without any sound relationship with our creator, such individuals are exposed to attack and defeat but they that know their God will be attacked bmind3.jpegut they will be strong in persecution and do exploit in the midst of danger.

God is alway ready to step into every situation and prove to all that we are indeed Christians who demonstrate the power of God in all situation unlike religious fanatics who have a form of godliness but denies the power of God. we are empowered to control our environment, to be fruitful, to multiply, to replenish, to subdue every opposition and dominate in the midst of the oppressors. free your mind from mental slavery, no one can do it for you but you.

you control what goes on in your mind, the people that speaks into your mind, the words or music you listen to are all under your control and choices you make, do not allow anything else than the best to influence your mindset. free yourself from the information the flesh gives to you because they have nothing to do with  God, believe only the report of the Lord.

Jeremiah 27: 11 I know the plans I have towards you, plans of Good and not evil to give you a hope and a future. and believe in the God that is able to do exceedingly abundantly moe than we can think or imagine. that seals it.

Remember to:

the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the MIND of the oppressed so therefore, FAITH your fears, and ELEVATE your mind and RESIST the temptation to panic.

with love from

Lady Abimbola