Building and fortifying your mindset

Let His Mind be in You

As we wrestle not against flesh and blood (Humans that Gang-stalks us) but against the spirits that operates through them which are the Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.2.jpeg

Though we live in a world were we see humans attacking us but there are powers this humans have subjected themselves to, this is an Antichrist power, powers that opposes God and anything that is drawn towards God, so battles are carried out were it is not so conspicuous to the simple minded, a place most people will not even realize a battle is going on, but the outcome of the battle reflects the issues of life in the physical, He who wins the battle in the mind, wins the battle between good and evil.

Creator God needs only one thing from us? Let (Allow / Permit) His mind (The mind of God) be in you (Us, all of Gods children, Targeted by the forces of darkness) as it was also in Christ Jesus.

When God sent His only and precious son to fulfill all that was required to redeem men back to a sound relationship with His creator, the battle for the soul of man started (we wrestle not flesh nor blood) the powers against us are powers against God, so we are guaranteed victory in this battle because, no one can challenger God almighty and win. So this should be our guide that the battle is not ours to fight because the war has been won on mount calvary, we need to just obey the laws of mount sanai and stand our grounds against darkness and we discipline our mind from drifting into darkness towards the level of the beast

Building the mind in warfare

The warfare: In a war, their will be the victorious and the defeated side, the victorious side will hold captive the defeated side.

The victorious side in the war:

  1. Dominates
  2. Claims Territories: Economical territories (that is why we are economically strangulated), spiritual territories (that is why we cannot pray), Ecclesiastes territories, juridical territories (that is why we loose legal battles), family territories (he reason for division, lack of love and divorce), social territories (that is why we are black balled from th society) etc I hope you get it
  3. Give a binding law to restrict (enslave) the defeated

The defeated side in the war:

  1. Submits
  2. Forfeits Territories: the defeated forfeits territories unwillingly because he is defeated in the battle
  3. Accept every unfavorable conditions by the victorious side

God has given us jurisdictional legal rights on different territories, which we hand over to satan ignorantly through his deceptive ways.

The battle in the mind Is most significant to us far more than most of us understand and as long as satan can fight us silently were we are not concentrating on fighting he would always defeat us, gang-stalkers are not in control, God is in control but as long as we are ignorant of the mind battle we are subject to loosing the battles we should be winning. the battle in the mind is the warfare against the process of Holiness (evil is fighting the process to Holiness) because Holiness gets us closer to a godly atmosphere, when we are in total submission to God and we are in control of the mind (by taking captive every irrelevant thoughts and words that are toxin to our spiritual growth) and loosing is very costly. the battle of faith, victory is sure. An healthy mindset comes from our convictions on who’s report we believe, do you believe the words of evil that has been spoken over you by narcissistic, predatory gang-stalkers who has the mandate to steal, kill and destroy you and I through our senses? (Ref: to my last Blog The Man and the Mind) as evil throws negative thoughts to us, we counter attack it in mind with the word of God and if the thought persist then you shout out loud the same word of God, because sometimes satan and his bunch of rascal demons are deaf, so you need to remind them who is in control.

epictetus-quote-lbq2h6s.jpgIt is a warfare but you have to continuously insist on what you believe not what all your senses are trying to convince you to believe (Senses are controlled by flesh, influenced by spiritual wickedness in high places)

satan is a determined and stubborn foe so, when you are not ready to go all the way and be victorious this blog is not for you. As the warfare intensifies satan throws things our way, for no other reason but to stop our spiritual growth. He who controls the mind, controls the man.

  1. Unforgivingness: the enemy of our soul has no intention of fighting by obeying the rules, in his battle, satan fights ruthlessly, but determined all he wants is win and have our soul as a trophy so back to our senses, a demon jumps into a sinful person to anger us an draw us into bitterness that leads to unforgivingness. Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body, the spirit of man that determines how the story ends, the flesh is just there to get us in trouble with our creator and it is the main weapon of the enemy, the soul (will,emotions and intellect) unforgivingness happens with two main senses, what we hear and what we see, then our central processing unite gets emotional about it and willfully (the soul takes it as a command) the soul conveys to the spirit that the body saw and heard this and has decided to be bitter and hold grudges then the spirit understand the human free wee will is involved, though the spirit is already with God now is unable to connect to all the blessings and protections we rightfully deserve because Unforgivingness is sin, and sin separates us from God.Solution: For give all as Jesus forgave us on calvary but it does not mean that we should wine and dine with people that offends us because they obviously can be easily manipulated and used against our spiritual growth.
  2. Fear: main weapon against our mind, though it looks harmless but it is a huge sin to walk in fear as a child of God. Solution: God has not given us the spirit of fear but of SOUND MIND of POWER and of LOVE.
  3. Sexual immorality: A no go area for a child of the most high God, sexual act is dangerous when you have not been given permission by God through marriage to participate in it. (see my video on Sexually Transmitted Demons)
  4. two bodies come together, joined together but the emotions are created through the spirit, Soul of man (man is a SPIRIT who has a SOUL, intellect, will, emotions and lives in a body) in sexual intercourse the BODY SUIT of man join together and the SPIRITS locks up each other, the SOUL exhibits emotions,  the human being in his entirety is involved in this act that means humans are most vulnerable to demonic possession during this sexual act  and that is SPIRITUAL DEATH if you are not covered by the marriage covenant (which is our Divine protection against darkness) then we have made an unwise choice. as we participate, we shear each others demons, which means if you have a demons of unrighteousnesses preventing you from seeking God and you have sex with someone that has demons of perversion, depression, oppression, madness, heavy heart wickedness, suicide, murder and lust etc then you have just opened yourself to all this other demons. they posses you uninvited because you do not have divine covering (marriage covenant) and every-other sex made outside of marriage is sin and sin is the legal right satan and all his demons have to take over our body.

Solution: stay away from sexual sin because it is a willful choice to enslave ourself. if you can not stay then get married.

Fortifying a mindset with grace

A grateful heart: Grace is an unmerited favor from God towards mankind, when we show we are grateful towards our father in heaven, he returns it with divine protection and his arms of love surrounds us and gives us peace in the midst of ciaos in the mind.

Praise and thanks given: Praise towards God is something forces of darkness can not stand because we are praising God instead of satan a defeated foe they worship, but when we show our vulnerability and our total submission to Gods authority then things happens beyond our expectations, paul and salas praise God in the midst of captivity and their problems was beyond words and they showed confidence in God by their praises and God stepped into the situation and freed his own children that called upon Him through praises.

Meditation: On the word of God and having Total Trust in God, morning meditation is really good but as children of God, we are instructed to meditate continuously on the word of God.


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