Total trust in our Creator God

Self esteem comes from total trust in God

Jehovah Almighty creator, the I am that I am God is greater than any powers operating here on earth but if the earth is infested with powers that are not of God, the children of God are to be blamed because All Powers belongs to God and also unto him belongs mercy, God has given us a mandate here on earth to rule as His children and dominate but if we a lured away though through deception by evil powers, it is only us using our free will as His children unwisely. We can only be lured away from Holiness if we tolerate unholiness around us, moral standards should not be compromised, relationship with our creator should not be doubted or placed in a second place and our self worth is the point of reference to our strength.7

But evil attacks our self esteem for a reason, if you do not know who you are or whose you are then everything goes. Very easy. Evil defame our identity because they are attempting to break down our self esteem, our self esteem is our strength and joy of the Lord that is rooted in our heart. you and I make right decision based on were your self esteem is, why do you think two people can be gang-stalked and harassed, demoralized, humiliated, lied against? One takes his/her life because they feel hopeless in the gang-stalking attack while the other is still strong and not focusing on sight but walking in faith? (faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen).

Two boxers in the ring, one is hitting so hard and the other is bruised, severely wounded and disgraced but all of a sudden the wounded boxer lunches a deadly blow to the right point at the right time and the winning boxer finds himself on the floor and the wounded boxer TKO the boxer that seem to be winning, its all in the mind. The wounded solder spoke to himself, I am not going down without a fight, with all his last strength he hit the excerpt point and he disgrace his oppressor, just like Samson in the bible, Delilah has tricked him into sin because he played around an atmosphere of sin, but he asked God for a last strength because the enemy has tied him up to give him the last disgrace, public humiliation but God showed mercy and gave him strength and the bible says Samson killed far more enemy while he was dying than when he was alive.How-to-Trust-God-with-Your-Future-8.30-300x250

Now I want to show you so many ways humanity is under satanic attack through the narcissistic gang-stalking predatory persecution, points most targeted Individuals are not focusing on. Electronic attack is not the only way the human take over program (gangstalking), they are using powers, they are penetrating were it counts (our authorities), they are taken over and we are distracted from the truth.

Now today I will talk about other aspect of satanic onslaught against human race, if you do not have God almighty on your side, you can not escape this DETERMINED armies of satan. WE NEED GOD, PRAYER and MEDITATION is absolutely necessary.

Ritual Gang-stalking

Gang-stalking, Satanic Ritual, witchcraft, secret society, occult, religious cult, coven involves nudity, the use of symbolism and in the most extreme, acts of sacrifice to satan (Ritual). The hidden knowledge in Occult does not allow the untrained eye to see the secret of destruction planed for humanity unless that person is chosen by God (chosen Individuals by the victorious kingdom of God who are Targeted Individuals by the defeated kingdom of darkness) and has the ability of discernment. Cults rites and rituals are considered highly sacred.

Nudity, sex orgies (see my blog on The man and The mind) where we feel the most vulnerable as human, generating dark energy and emotions, mental control over the awareness of their vulnerability. But nudity is a requirement in any satanism. In contrast to gang stalking, the Occult can introduce other aspects than to illuminate the mind of the gang-stalkers (human spirit possessed by demons) that is the knowledge to control and dominate others with the deeper fear of the unknown through demoralization, threats, harassment etc. This allows perpetrators the illusion around a targeted person. However, what the Occult, satanists etc takes interest in more than anything is what kind of effect the ILLUSIONS makes in the life of the Targeted Individuals. They purposely re-enact situations amongst those within a cult, secret society etc using members as subjects. The purpose of this is to test the strength of the techniques. Those that are powerful enough to have effect on one of their own are considered to be immensely powerful and are therefore found to be useful in application to targets. Satan careless about anyone even the people that serve him, he keeps his satanic armies faithful through FEAR and THREAT.

gang stalking What targets should be aware of is that a lot of what they can witness can be deceiving in that the use of technology, harassment and control by fear can make it easy to convince anyone into thinking there are powers at work. witchcraft involved the abilities of conditioning the mind of a person to work to SUBCONSCIOUS commands (Reverse psychology).

Majority of the Targeted Individuals are not receptive to social conditioning, they may at one point of their life reached an higher level with God and some are deliberately chosen for such a time as now, these are subsequently targeted as a result.

Targets Individuals are harassed, discredited, bullied, ostracized, demoralized etc at work and socially, slandered by perpetrators to eventually become isolated to the point they want to take their own lives. Perpetrators of this crime use as many resources to ensure the crime is kept at distance, indirect and aim to do so leaving minimal evidence.

There are technologies that are in existence that can be used on others to hurt and abuse them out of sight from the target. However, in regards to the occult, there are methods of psychological control that can act upon the body to induce illnesses a far more calculating attack you will say.

Sex involves the whole Spirit, Soul and mind of a person. So I can understand why this act has been chosen as a weapon against humanity (watch my youtube VIDEO on Sexually Transmitted Demons) the ritual or sexual perversion, 60 satanist have sex with just one person, but the truth is that they are actually spiritually breaking down the spirit of that person to 60 places, spiritually splitting the persons soul and alcohol and drugs are introduced to keep the person spiritually divided as the sexual lust is encouraged to keep the person further away from God.

This initiation involves willful person or unwilling person interested in satanism, if you have ever participated in orgies, group sex, you have opened your self to satanism and you are bewitched (meaning you are a blind witch. You do not willingly attend meeting but while you sleep you are transported spiritually to be used and abused you need deliverance fast to get your spirit back together, to restore your soul and to mend your slitted heart.

6SOLUTION: Prayer of forgiveness, ask God to forgive your involvement in the occult or satanism. Free yourself from people that surrounds you that are involved in this evil act and Jesus Christ will step into the situation to help you, the holyspirit will protect you.


Organ harvesting Gang-stalking

Sensitization is perhaps one of the most commonly reported experience in gang stalking. Scenario

of sensitizing you to a thing, a situation or a person, then this thing, this situation and this person is repeatedly placed around you, so you can connect yourself to this, this is a mind control procedure to become to notice something that has been present around you yet we do not notice it at the time until, either through choice or introduction from a friend or through reading literature we eventually come to notice it. used often in advertising to gain our attention.

Advertising has been thoroughly researched even before television came into our lives and is something that is known to provoke emotions within us. Those emotions can take hold of us and can effectively use up our energy. If this stimulus is continued for long enough, it can become an unwanted trigger which is what most gang stalkers use to program their targets (reverse Psychology)

then the use of Organ (human spare part) Organ harvesting is a clear evidence that satan hates humans, if someone by accident or by personal choices looses their organ, it fails and the doctors who believes they are God can not manufacture new organ to replace the failed organ then this demonic medical practitioners begin an illegal organ harvesting please see my (News and event page) they gang-stalk people through your medical history information and if your organ matches the one they need, you are a dead man walking. And also the need to write down that your organ can be used when you are dead to help others hmmmmmmmm wrong decision for your organ to be used you need to be alive, so you must be killed or murdered for them to take the organ and for it to be useful (it is only common sense).

trust-in-man.jpgSOLUTION: God is the only creator and if we trust, obey and serve him, he can replace any and every organ he manufactured. So common sense says worship your God, serve Him in spirit and in truth and so shall you be preserved in the midst of all this satanic gang-stalking craziness.

By the strips of Jesus Christ we are healed of all infirmity, God takes very good care of all His children when they submit to Him in Spirit and in truth.

Initiation Gang-stalking

forces of darkness are always on the look out for new people to initiate into the dark armies, you can be initiated through your blood and covenant made. But a Christians blood is an abomination to satanic initiation when they are blood testy, a christens blood is holy spirit sanctified and it is toxic to devil worshipers but when you are just living life and you are neither here nor there, your blood is a perfect match to the demonic spirit.

SOLUTION: God almighty has to take complete control over our lives because the battle is not flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Theft of property Gang-stalking

Satan is a thief and all his worshipers are like their daddy the devil who steals, kills and destroys, they are criminals, they are liars the gang-stalkers encourage the perpetrators to steal from the Targeted Individuals because they want you to be in an economical vulnerability, situation where they can easily take advantage of you with your full cooperation (remember satan and all his worshipers needs us to willfully cooperate with him for it to be a sin before God almighty which now makes him not guilty of any wrong doing but since your will is involved we are the ones that will be guilty.

SOLUTION: Prayers to protect all our properties and hand them over to the almighty God.


I reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers.

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