Refusing to bow down to the level of the beast

The main Purpose behind defamation of Character

The reason Defamation of character by Predatory, Narcissistic Gang-stalkers is a potent weapon it is because they are trying hard to get control of our life through our own head, so, they understandably attack our heart through our mind, through slander,  defamation, demoralization  (the bible says guard our heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of YOUR LIFE). In my previous blog, THE MAN AND THE MIND I gave a clearer view about the mind and what the man is and how the spirit, the soul and mind connects and bring about the reality around us. Jesus Christ has made all things perfect but evil is the number one contender of that perfection.

Gang-stalkers takes direct order from satan and their brainwashed, bewitched, under contract Perpetrators of evil are satanic armies takes order from the human gang-stalkers that then unleash all kind of affliction on humans and only the Holy spirit can restrain the determined satanic armies but the responsibility we have is to watch what goes in and influence our mind.

Defamation/slander/false accusation/propaganda/shame campaign etc are all part of an evil attempt to destroy our mindset which links our self worth and success, you will agree we are dealing with an enemy that technically he knows were to attack us without even touching us (that is the real reason Targeted Individuals find it hard to convince anyone except people that are equally gang-stalked can believe them) but! Narcissistic G.stalkers are not in control, God is in Control of everything in Heaven and here on Earth, satan and his defeated psychopathic armies are attention seekers, they want to feel important be attacking and putting Gods children in a vulnerable position, hoping we would make the wrong choice but thank God that by he grace of God some of us are still holding on to faith and God the almighty creator believes in us to stand our grounds and maintain the spirit God gave to us (I have not given you the spirit of fear but of LOVE, of POWER and of SOUND MIND) the beast takes away sound mind and love from all his dedicated evil zombie armies that is the reason they steal, they kill, the lie, they destroy without thinking twice, but know that they are vicious because they have no heart.3.jpg

But as children of God, Sound mind is part of our spirit, all Power belongs unto our God and Love is God and only the ones that are of God can truly Love (Agape Love). If we are happy, it is because we dwell in happy thoughts in our mind if miserable the same thing applies which means that irrespective of the circumstance the beast creates around us, we are in control of our inner decision, no one but us has that power, now we also have the right to renounce that power or hold on to it and refuse to let evil persecution, afflictions bend us to the level of the beast, because Whether we are fearful or fearless, foolish or wise, troubled or serene, within that beautiful soul of ours, lies the cause of its own state or states, and never without, take care of your mind because evil wants your soul.

Outward circumstances do not affect our minds? it is an infallible truth, that circumstances can only affect you in so far as you allow them to do so. That is the reason Gang-stalkers continuously bombards us with false accusation, slander campaign, defamation because this satanic armies expect you to be troubled and You are swayed by circumstances because you have not a right understanding of the nature, use, and power of thought.

Jesus said Cast all your burdens on me for I care for you and upon this little word Faith in God, hang all our sorrows and joys on Jesus Christ that outward things have no power to make or mar our life, we do not submit to those outward things, circumstances, shame campaign, slander etc they are all pressure set to make us believe we have no control over circumstances, that is absolutely rubbish, when God is in control we have absolute control over everything, we plan A or plan B you choose.

We don’t ever have to confess that we are a slave to anyone or anything here on earth because a slave answers to the master and the master owns and dictates the very existence of the slave and everything the slaves owns belongs to the master, and by giving attention to a Predatory, Narcissistic delusional psychopaths human agent used by powers not of our God the creator, your unconditional master; by so doing, you invest them with a power which they do not, of themselves, possess, and you succumb, in reality, not to the mere circumstances, but to the gloom or gladness, the fear or hope, the strength or weakness, which your thought sphere has thrown around them. Two people can be in the same circumstance and the two are exposed to the same opportunity to resolve their situation but they both have different outcome, why is this? Because of the Mindset.2.jpg

The curse to the one because he clothed the event with dark and dreary thoughts of hopelessness and negativity, it was a blessing to the other, who sees hope and possibility in every new situation and the opportunity before him/her then he threw around it thoughts of strength, of hope, and renewed endeavor. If circumstances had the power to bless or harm, they would bless and harm all men alike, but the fact that the same circumstances will be alike good and bad to different souls proves that the good or bad is not in the circumstance, but only in the mind of him/her that encounters it.

SOLUTION: God is the only creator and if we trust, obey and serve him, he can and will strengthen us in time of trials and tribulations, never give in to the pressure of the devil, he has nothing that is worth our time, take care of your mind, your heart for out of it flows the issues of our life. We are created in the image and the likeness of the creator God and we are built for success nothing less. Gods plan for us is good and not evil to give us hope and a beautiful future.

Rectifying our heart

Our heart has a lot to do with our life and the bible says out of it flows the issues of life, so when darkness wants you to hear slanderous remarks because they want your heart to be troubled, LOL by patiently examining and rectifying our heart we will be gradually led into the discovery of the origin and nature of evil, the beast and its demonic armies which will necessarily be followed by its complete eradication of its effect in our heart (Evil has no power over us, only he power we give to it) so he seeks the power through slander, shame campaign hoping that is a good enough bait to demoralize us into giving him space in our central processing Unit of the mind. All evil is corrective and remedial, and is therefore not permanent. It is rooted in ignorance, ignorance of the true nature and relation of things, and so long as we remain in that state of ignorance,I remember ones I made a statement and though people understand what I was saying but they were still able to smell racism out of my statement and I explained to the people that one thing can be rest assured, if a melanin person sounds racist, it is not racism, it is called anger and resentment because Racism is a system inculcated in the mind of a race against another race to limit a race in favor of another race, to mismanage one race to manage another, to abuse one race for the use of another (Check my video blog on Racism is a system not a personal hatred)

we remain subject to evil. There is no power in Gang-stalker persecution which is not the result of ignorance, if we were ready and willing to study their attack strategy and use it contrary to their expectation of the reaction they hope to get from us, it lead us to higher wisdom in the Power of God.  The type of mindset we have is totally important.1.jpg

But if we remain in evil, and it does not pass away because men are not willing or prepared to learn the lesson which it came to teach them. Even through Gang-stalkers repeatedly harass us because their aiming for a reaction and we do not have to bow down to their level, if we continue to entertain this psychopathic narcissistic demon possessed Human agents we would be pulled to their level, praying always in the spirit for spiritual renewal is very important as we get inner strength only from God.

Purify a toxic environment and do not allow yourself to be dragged into foolishness.

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I reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers but I reign as a Child of the Most high God.

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