The Soul Hunters

Mind – Soul – Spirit

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Read my blog THE MAN AND THE MIND, I explained in details Mind-Soul-Spirit.1.jpg

The soul Hunters wants our soul, they are soulless, they need us desperately, and working on our emotional ruin day and night, it is a common saying that Sad people make others sad, depressed people put others in despair, poor people hate wealth, envious people see you better than them and remind them of all they should have become. The soul of man is the divine permission that makes us human, demons want to be here on earth so they look for a BODY to operate through, they have no legal permission to violate the temple of the Holy Spirit so they try to gain access by tricking us.

  1. Gaining entrance access: they convince our MIND of evil, then when we sin, we ignorantly give them legal permission before God almighty to violate our body for their evil use, they are permitted by a just God.
  2. Working enslavement from within: But their target is our SOUL (Satans Trophy to laugh at God) after obtaining direct access into our Body, they begin to influence you from within, pervert Gods Truth, our mind is the weapon they need the most, it is through the mind demons convinces God-children that they are born this way (A big fat lie, blinded by the truth in Gods word) no man is born a woman, neither a woman born a man, I will tell you the truth today. Man is a SPIRIT-we have a SOUL-and live in a BODY, this is the truth but did you see anything he/she? Because spirit has no gender, we are neither male nor female, but when God created a BODY(Body to house the spirit and soul of a man here on earth) during creation God created man (Body) and took a rib from man to Form woman (Body). So were is I AM BORN THIS WAY coming from? Man is a spirit (genderless) who lives in a BODY (Male or female), our Body (earthly suit) is the gender, not our Spirit. What is manipulating from within are the demons that you have granted access into your life through sin and this particular one is called demon of pervasion (perverting the truth of God in your mind and you begin to willfully speak with your mouth the thought-demon bounce to your mind. Satan is powerLESS but through OUR MIND we make him powerFUL. (simple as ABC) you see that God is good? But we get into trouble because God is a just God and he follows divine protocol not mans lies or emotions.2
  3. Influencing the outer: the soul hunters start influencing our outside world through the extent of damage they have created internally, I will use the most common and ruthless attack on the mind by demonic presence that has possessed them.
  • A child molester, has already been mentally fragmented by demons of perversion to target innocent children whom they can not have easy access because the spirit of a child is very pure and Angels protects them 24/7, so this fitly demons of perversion, wanting to possess children also and finds it totally impossible to do so, so they begin a perverted mental masturbation on a demon-possessed adult, convincing him that a child is sexually attractive and they can subdue and dominate to realize sexual fantasies, on an innocent child, when this demonic desire is at its maximum level, they then violate a child (Child molester), an innocent child is sexually molested, and this gives demons easy access to the child through the sexual intercourse, th child is opened up for demonic possession, then the child is smeared and begins another cycle of demonic possession.
  • Same-sex attraction is demons operating through your mind, I have already explained above in details. Our gender is the Bodysuit and not our spirit, we are spirits and spirit is genderless. there is nothing like a genderless spirit become a man or a woman, it just does not exist, impossible. but The body (Bodysuit) is either created as a Man or formed as a woman why because a Male body suit (Body) is built to produce Sperm which is cells within the male body and are subject to conditions the rest of the body is exposed to throughout their development cycle. Extreme temperatures, smoking, drug use, alcohol and poor diet can all impact the quality of sperm. except only through a healthy lifestyle. while a Female body suit (Body) is built to produce the female egg cells necessary for reproduction, called the ova or oocytes. The system is designed to transport the ova to the site of fertilization. Conception, the fertilization of an egg by a sperm, normally occurs in the fallopian tubes. The next step for the fertilized egg is to implant into the walls of the uterus, beginning the initial stages of pregnancy. If fertilization and does not take place, the system is designed to menstruate (the monthly shedding of the uterine lining). so were can gender confusion comes in here, Gods creations are clear and there is no confusion in His works, gender is only on the BODY which is built to multiply (Produce other humans), spirit cannot multiply, spirit is connected to God almighty and the Soul has nothing to do with your claims of been born this way because soul is the will, emotions and intellect so therefore I put it to every same-sex lovers claiming you were born this was that you are been bewitched by a demon of perversion who has taken over your mind, the door to this wicked demon can be opened usually a perverted sex, I will go through the trouble to explain perverted sex because the world is so defiled people are unable to see things the way they truly are again. PERVERTED SEX to me is a sexual act that is done outside the main way sex is supposed to be, so normal sex acceptable by God is meant to be the penis penetrating the Virginia and sperm is released and it fertilizes the eggs and a child will be born nine months later, so, therefore, sexual perversion is done outside these simple ways God created sex. (eg Perverted Sex: ANAL SEX, MALE TO MALE, FEMALE AND FEMALE, BESTIALITY, CHILD SEX, SEX BETWEEN PARENTS AND CHILDREN, SEX BETWEEN SIBLINGS ETC) This is the sexual perversion I can come up with for now. if at any time in your life you have been a victim of the type of sexual intercourse, this is where the door was opened to demons of perversion and you must pray to God to forgive you so you can be delivered from this demon that controls your sexuality. the psychologist will not help you, only God can help you.
  • Oppression, God has created us all so beautiful and wonderful, with a perfect mandate to be FRUITFUL, to MULTIPLY, to REPLENISH THE EARTH, to SUBDUE every opposition and to DOMINATE, but our the devil our number one contender who has gained access to most lives for generations is not going to watch it happen, not on his watch is any of God-children going to be fruitful except he(satan) takes the glory for this success, so he throws demons of oppression, to stress out and Targeted this person for severing satanic oppression.

Solution: Confess and repent of sin (the legal right you gave the devil) be taken back the legal right through confession of sin, we invite back the angels of God to divinely protect us and we must stay away giving back the legal rights, Satan will try to repossess you but the choice is ours, WE DESIRE TO BE FREE OR LOSE? Then stay away from physical sin, mental sin, emotional sin LUST OF THE EYE, LUST OF THE FLESH and PRIDE OF LIFE. Read the Bible (The TRUTH) and the truth in Gods words will set you free.

Mindset-Renewed to save the Soul

If our Joy (The joy of the Lord is our strength) in the Lord dwindles, our love for Him is affected and our faith in Him drastically fizzles into thin air, then fear sets in, murmuring, complaining doubts etc. but the truth of God which the Antichrist spirit in the gang-stalkers are fighting us for, Knowledge of Gods words is getting wisdom to navigate through life but been blinded by forces of darkness from knowing this truth will cost us a lot, We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free, John 8:32,

Every Situation contrary to the purpose God created us for is a big lie Gen 1:31, for I know the plans I have towards you, plans to prosper you, plans of good and not evil to give you a triumphant end. The evil one opposing God almighty through us is a liar and a deceiver John 8:44 do not listen to his lies and be deceived by is illusions, the children of darkness are jealous of us as children of the highest God, because We, the children of God are FREE, they, the children of satan are bound, We, the children of God excises FREEWILL to chose, they, the children of satan are under a Tyrannous Dictator master, We, the children of God are loved and divinely helped and protected, but the children of Satan has to protect themselves through their demonic unity to fight for their God.

So do not need to waste our time-fighting losers, they are haters because they have no hope and We, the children of God have our hope in the Lord. So the only choice these narcissistic haters have is to befriend us, lie to us, deceive us and hurt us through our mind so we can be misled into destruction, LOL, Pathetic armies, satanist Delinquent, gang-stalkers are hopeless and judged by our God, for even attempting to make us, God-children sad.



I am Lady Abimbola, and I reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers but I continue to reign as a Child of the Most High God, totally submissive to divine plans and purposes, I am divinely protected and Helped. I Plead my case before your court, oh God of Haven, fight against, and close the way against them that persecute me, they have dug for my soul and set traps for me, they plot and plan for my life, Oh Lord let them fall into their own traps, let them be swallowed by the very beast they placed on my pathway. As for me, I will put my trust and hope in you and I will not allow my heart to be troubled for you are able to take care of me.

The Glory of God surrounds me, Lord you are my strong shield against the evil men that surrounds me.

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