1. Through Ignorance, Deviance and illiteracy

    My own definition of Ignorance is the lack of knowledge in a particular issue or situation, when you refuse to acknowledge and get better or well informed about a situation, it is inevitable that you may become a casualty of such a situation. Gang-stalking is a criminal act and a great atrocity committed against the human race but it has been used for years, for decades and for centuries to gradually but surely destroy lives, secretly. While people do not understand what is happening to them, someone is pulling the strings to destroy their lives, set them up and enslave them in situations, illiteracy or Ignorance will make you walk right into oppression, and as I usually say in my Blog MELANINANDALBINOID, That the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

    See Reason: all power belongs unto God and also unto him belongs mercy, study to be well informed about the world you are living in and about your surroundings, ignorance is very costly.

  2. Circular, humanistic indoctrination and Religion:

    exposing yourself to Religion can be deadly, spiritually speaking because Religion has always been the main targeted for mass demoralization, why? Because it intrudes, the spirit soul and mind of man, which is the number one focus of the gang-stalkers. The mind of man (C.P.U of the human) is a place that controls the whole being of that person, who ever controls the mind, controls the man. Their is always someone who attempts to take control of your mind, how? Through manipulating you to believe in a certain way (Mindset) or to hate someone without a reason (Brainwash), or afflict others with little or no reason (Afflicting you mind to please an oppressor). Humanistic indoctrination is just another way of saying mind control in the Christian circle.

    See Reason: The Bible says that Religion has a form of Godliness but deny the power of God which means that it pretends to be of God (Wolves in sheep clothing) but it is of the devil, choose wisely who feeds your spirit because it is much more important than who feeds your stomach.

  3. Perversion:

    Is the abnormal use of something, while God created sex between a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) through the vagina and penis, for multiplication (The sperm germinates the ovaries and produces another authentic human being not a clone but a great original from God) only in a marriage institute but the willful desire to start experimenting on sex (e.g bestiality with animals, any form of sex outside of the order of God is explained above only penis in vagina, every other way is an abomination and it is influenced by demons, such perversion is influenced by forces of darkness that has found a way into such a life, using other entrance for sexual pleasure instead of the godly provided entrance which leads to fruitfulness) any sexual intercourse outside marriage with other entrance that can not be fruitful is perversion and this attracts demons of perversion, oppression, hatred, wickedness, lying demons etc to you, and when demons are present in you, you become an instrument for satan, to help in perverting other people, perpetrators that help in the predatory gang-stalking are chosen through demonic identification.

    See Reason: is totally influence by evil spirit in other to gain more control over your life, prayer and deliverance will definitely set you free.

  4. Gang-banging, Alcohol and drugs:

    already based on the point above, you know this is a willful attempt to destroy yourself, sex is to multiply, fruitfulness in a marriage institution between a male and a female, gang-banging is a group sex, which is usually done for different reasons, though everyone involved may not know the truth, they may probably believe they are enjoying themselves but the truth is that, sex in general is a huge express weapon to destroy that live but Gang-banging is always initiated when some satanist are in need of human energy, so they lure inncent but willfull individuals to perticipae because they need energy from such individual, it is also used for the initiation of a new member in the satanist cycle, it is a nomal thing amongst satan worshipers.

    Is you a not a satanist neither are you been initiated them you have willfully participated in a satanic ritual that will end up opening your life to be demoralization, demonic attack and marked by secret society, alcohol will become more desirable in such life and drugs more acceptable because this actually helps to numb your penal gland which intrudes your mind and you are totally opened to become an human agent for satan, willfully or not, you have opened yourself and given permission to demons, through this three means you are exposed to demons of perversion, depression, oppression, failure, hatred of anything good and godly etc

    See Reason: why should you subject yourself o enslavement and a life of oppression when you can have peace with God through godliness, abstain from lustful desires that will only destroy.

  5. Illegal solicitation:

    illegal activities, child molestation, drug use or trafficker, domestic violence etc

  6. Greed, thievery, cruelty, harshness, severity, insensitivity, bigotry, and bias:

    all this are totally different to the fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, patience, hospitable, long suffering etc all the works of darkness will lure you to greater darkness, satan does not have a limit, you give him a finger, he takes the whole of your life by force through the entrance you have willfully given to him.

    See Reason: God is love and His plan for us is good and not evill to give us a hope, a future and peace of mind

  7. Compromise:

    when you compromise the word of God, knowing fully well, what you should do and what you should not do, this way you willfully attract attack on yourself. Lust of the Eye is whatever sin you allow your eyes lure you into, Lust of the flesh is whatever you refuse to control in your life, will then control you and pride of life is detaching yourself totally from been humble and allowing titles, position and achievements define you instead of who you really are as a child of the most high God.

    See Reason: that God requires from us, not to conform to the ways of the wicked but we should always renew ur mind to conform it to the will of God.

  8. Carnality, Luke-warmness and worldliness:

    well, this speaks for itself, God has zero tolerance for Luke-warmness because if you are neither with God for him to protect you and you float around then you are exposing yourself to danger. Living in an atmospheres of religion that will make you believe as an individual you can have sex and God will understand, that is carnality because playing with sin is playing with your soul, the soul catcher is close by you, waiting for a wrong move and he takes over your life for destruction.

    See Reason: that only they that know their God will be strong and do exploit here on earth

  9. Disunity and persecution:

    first of all, this is internal disunity within yourself like carnality or Luke-warmness, this will break down your inner strength and disconnect you from heaven. Persecution needs a lot of tolerance and divine help to sustain yourself in times of persecution and trials, if you do not handle well persecution it will take you to the wrong direction.

    Persecution is meant to demoralize you and create internal confusion, when y person is confused every road leads to your destination, persecution is to force you into subjecting yourself to be abused by predatory, narcissistic gang-stalkers.

    See Reason: go to God for inner strength like Jesus at the garden. Inner strength from satanic onslaught is gotten only from God.

  10. Racism system and unethical dealing:

    Racism is a system and not an hatred between melanin and albinoid race. Everything goes when you are dealing with satanic oppression, everything is useful, satanist are not interested in just enslaving the human race, their plan is to take as many as demonic ally possible to hell fire. God is a protector and he needs us to create an atmosphere for him to help us. Seek after righteousness and God will help you. Their is absolutely not good in hatred, but hatred is needed for satan to operate smoothly amongst the human race. Hatred of each other, hared of races, hatred of ethnicity, hatred of any kind is bad.

    See Reason: God is love and everyone that loves is of God and gives God a chance to reign in their life.