Mind of Power

I will be talking as always about the powerful mind of Gods creations,  Everything God almighty created is perfectly made, until the great rebellion of a delinquent angel who thinks he is mightier than our creator God and the consequences of His heavenly coup de ta was a big TKO from our God and he was cast out of the presence of a Holy God but, he is not going down alone, he already took one third of the angels in heaven with him and he has vowed to make sure every human created by God is going down with him to hellfire, I will say that he has not done badly because so many are just trooping into hell out of fear, out of been placed in vulnerable positions, persecuted, harassment, lost, joblessness, selling their soul etc but how is satan achieving his aim against Gods people? satan is not powerful but by cooperation to his purposes under duress we make him worth more than what he is. The human Mind is Gods greatest Central Processing Unit into his creations purpose on earth, and that is the battle field for control, he who controls the mind, controls the man and that is the purpose of the concentration on the mind.2.jpg


Just for the sake of the people that are visiting my blog for the first time, I will explain again that Man is a SPIRIT who lives in a BODY and has a SOUL, this three aspect of creation makes a man (male and female).

  • The Spirit is seated in the right hand of the father when it is in obedience with God but sin gives satan and His delinquent demons legal right to enslave that SPIRIT of man until Jesus Christ is invited to step into the situation.
  • The Body is the container that carries Carries the Soul and the Spirit.
  • The Soul is our will, Intellect(The Mind) and emotions.

Now permit me to use the Trinity of God as example to creation, God the FATHER, God the SON, God the HOLY SPIRIT are all separate begin in one accordance and in unity with each other and none functions without the other, now the Spirit and the soul (the will, intellect which is the mind and the emotions of man can not exist on earth without the Body) so the beautiful, gracious and extremely powerful mind of the human beings is the point of mass attack by satan who is powerless and choose to attack were he is list suspected that way he has no or little resistance, it is only what you know is bad for you, you attempt to resist.6.jpg

first of all artificial things are introduced to numb the brain (the mind) mans intellect is crushed gradually but surely by synthetic prescription drugs, other hard drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc but the reason Gang-stalking programming was introduced to attack the human mind directly and the Targeted  are the Individuals ones that are not socially mind controled, not under the influence of anything dangerous and are morally stable and mentally stronger, contrary to gangstalkes propaganda oppinion about the Targeted Individuals to mislead enslaved person to believe the irony of this truth and fact, because this program is called an harassment program because it is meant to harass the healthy mind until hopefully  destroyed to the level of the beast or that it can be easily manipulated for the purpose of satan which is totally against the will and benefit of that person. satan quest to destroy the human race came with a lot of experiences, experiments and practices on the human minds, during the slave age, and during the holocaust was satans attempt to experiment on the human minds, afflicting pain, sleep deprivation, verbal harassment, defamation of character, shame campaign, lies, joblessness to damage sense of security etc all in an effort to crush the mind from be healthy, all this were created purposefully to numb the mind, then their is something called the peneal gland under the brain were the spirit of man connects directly, everything around the mind is affected by the use of any artificial thing including the peneal gland which can be destroyed with time, then our senses are automatically disconnected from God and it can never survive without divine anchor, you see the danger that sends signals to the mind, the enemy will make sure you hear their threatening because they have no power, we are the ones that have been created powerful, you feel the anger of injustice, maltreatment, offenses, provocations. this are all meant to destroy the mind, ones the mind has been crippled by drugs, alcohol, fear, negative emotions, sin, toxic environment etc then the man is walking straight towards hell WILLFULLY remember till now, satan has not demonstrated any power just verbal threats, showing you images to provoke fear with the intention that you willfully open the door to self destroy yourself or to cooperate with his pan to destroy you.

satan is a like a powerless Dictator without money nor ammunition and he is a best friend with another powerful, earthly power dictator who has wealth and other things to terrorize others, this other powerless dictator tricks the powerful dictator he has his best interest at heart and takes over his wealth and ammunition and use it against him. satan is like that, he tricks us to use our own divine power against ourselves, while we are busy concentrating on the harassment, he just wants us to be distracted enough to be manipulated, as a Targeted Individual myself I am under 24/7 harassment by some brain washed zombies, I daily forgive them because I do not want to be trapped in unforgiveness but my guards are up.1.jpg

that is all satans can do, They are determined in their attack waiting for you to blow a fuss they can use against you, thats all it is, as children of God self control is an 100% on our must do list, 98% is not even acceptable. Jesus has disgraced him on Calvary and striped him of all powers but by threat he can make us sin (Fear is sin) that way he will defeat the undefeated creation of God through our own mind. se finni (french)

OUR PURPOSE IS UNDER ATTACK, our mind is the greatest weapon the enemy is using against us, run to God the creator and let His mind be in us as it was in Christ Jesus.

by understanding the creator Gods plan for creating us with a purpose in mind, you realize that by even allowing another to attempt to control or manipulate the purpose of God for our life is wrong, we are responsible to realize Gods purpose for our life but put in mind that every tactic against us is to crush the mind that sustains the purpose of God which is to basically to sabotage the process of arriving at divine purpose. anything that is fighting the process is fighting Gods plan for His creation.

mass majority of the humans are already walking towards hell by choice, by their own free will, by chance, by trick, they are walking and not stopping, the enemy of our soul is far more determined than children of God, they are poisoning us, they are mass mind controlling us, they are twisting every mind available, turning us against each other, and defiling our children, sex slaves, over sexed and perverted generation, drugs, alcohol, etc satan claims to be god but if he is god he should create humans like God but no, the delinquent satan can not create even a chicken but instead he brain wash the woman to believe lies and he collects (steals) eggs (ovaries) keeps them in laboratories were they can manipulate it and injects it back to produce a child and humans see nothing wrong in manipulating the work of God, God is God all by Himself He needs no help in creation and He never said He has forgotten how to create humans, humans has become satans incubator for his demonic generation without anyone suspecting anything and God looks down on us and I believe sad that look at princes walking on the ground while slaves take over their royal benefits. I cry also with God for all I can do is write my blog, pray for the human race and do my part as I am divinely instructed.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT God created man from the dust and blow His breath into man and formed woman from this master original called man and both of them come together the penis penetrating the vagina to ejaculate sperm to fertilize the overlies and creates a new life that LOOKS JUST LIKE THEM but test tube and laboratory babies looks and takes the form of the brain behind its creation, satan, he is behind such human atrocity, this is not science this is abomination and you wonder why babies are born deformed, demonized from the womb etc?

we also have the brain been coax into believing in organ harvesting hmmm the more I write the more I feel pain in my heart hmmm God is God all by Himself and God ha sent Jesus to pay for all that satan will do to us which means even our health is paid for. If you and I believe in God we will understand that our Body is self healing body (PERFECT CREATION) but even if any organ id damaged, it can only be replace and restored by the creator of the organ, but oh no satan the devil possess his dedicated worshipers to play god here on earth but this make believe godssssss are nothing but fake like their daddy satan, they play god but can not create anything, instead they once again, play with the mind of man to believe that you can donate your money to help others (this I agree with in a prudent way) you can donate cloths to sustain the needy (this I agree with in a prudent way), you can give food to the hungry (this I agree with in a prudent way) etc but donating organ?? how does that work? for your organ to be useful to others you must still be alive to have the organ alive and useful so it means you sign your own death warrant by allowing your mind to be brain washed to believe you are doing good, you can not take your own life it is a sin against God almighty neither can you distribute your own organ while you are alive because if you are assassinated through your own ignorance, before God it is no sin against satan and all his armies of delinquent, they have your signed approval to be killed.4

satan is a lair and they never tell the truth, they work on your mind and you willfully accept to what you do not understand and you sign your own death warrant. if satan and all his worshipers are god then produce your own organ, if you are so nice you want to perform miracle, they keep on messing with the perfectly made work of God THE ONLY CREATOR.

the mind of the human is the key to solving the worlds problems, how? by the renewal of our mindset, by submitting to our creator God, by starting an healthy relationship with God. we need God not each other, we need each other only for fellowship because of this misconception people loose their self worth because you believe you need people, friends, doctors, teachers, pastors, you need this one that one, we need each other for fellowship that’s all,  fellowship will make you work on your relationship with God, builds self esteem, focus on our divine purpose, assist each other not depend on each other etc but an atmosphere of evil is to make us believe we need each other, lol we don’t, we only need God the creator. we are under sever demonic attack but under the banner of God we are secured, God is merciful and gracious, he is able to protect and preserve us and purify our land ones more, the more grounds the enemy gains the more he becomes bolder in his attack against the human race. come back to your God and love Him with all your heart, do not let His words depart from you, He wants to heal our land of satanic toxicity and restore back His people.


Fill our minds with the words of God and we will have no room for the lies of satan and all his delinquent and hopeless armies. let His mind be in us as it was also in Christ Jesus, Their is Power in the Blood of Jesus, their is Power in the name of Jesus Christ, their is Power of the Holy Spirit to rise up a stand against intrusion of any kind.