5. Paedophile

This is the 5th of the 10 series sexual perversion and demonization series. Pedophile: is a (Psychiatry) person who is sexually attracted to children, this is an article worth reading. Pedophile Enabler.
To be sexually attracted to a child that is just physically developing and has no knowledge of the action the perverted Pedophile are exposing them to is repugnant, it is only a sick and demonized person will ever think that abusing children sexually is okey.
Pedophile are really sick people that must not be tolerated in the society, God created us for a reason and it is to grow in a healthy way, sound mind power love, but this sick Individuals not only ae psycho but have decided to ruin the life of innocent children.
fathers abusing their daughters and children placed under their care, The long list of names includes politicians, With 357 establishments being checked out which include schools, hospitals, and sports activities venues–as web sites of abuse and attack, it’s miles speculated that the investigation will most effective get larger in scope as it maintains.
  1. Television presenters Jimmy Savile, (1926–2011) became an English media persona who become well known in the United Kingdom for his eccentricities and, on the time of his loss of life, turned into usually respected for his charitable paintings. He changed into knighted in 1990. In past due 2012, nearly a yr after his death, reviews surfaced indicating that Savile had dedicated sexual abuse at some stage in his 50-12 months career, his alleged sufferers ranging from prepubescent women and boys to adults.
  2. Alexandria Brookes, A serial pedophile with an extremely high risk of re-offending, Alexandria Brookes’ most heinous crime made the police who arrested him at a Brisbane motel in 1987 physically ill. Brookes has an extensive record of raping prepubescent male and girl children elderly under 10 years. His youngest sufferer become aged simply 3 years antique while he turned into charged along with her rape and abduction.
    After being launched from Long Bay Jail in July 1987, Brookes, then aged 23, and his 39-yr-old jail lover, Dennis Raymond Ferguson, kidnapped three youngsters, boys and a girl, from Sydney aged six, seven and 8. The pair had hatched their plan whilst sharing a jail mobile, and achieved their vile myth.
    Ferguson, some other serial paedophile, had befriended the youngsters’ father, a fellow Long Bay inmate, and learned in custody that the kids had previously been sexually abused.
    Brookes and Ferguson flew the children to Brisbane, and sexually assaulted them in a residence in the Brisbane suburb of Kedron. The following night time, they moved the three youngsters to a motel in the northern Brisbane suburb of Ascot, wherein they again abused the children. Police had been known as to the inn, where they observed Ferguson bare with the kids, him telling the officials, “I will let you. Pornography. Kiddie porn, I can get you kiddie porn.”
  3. Musicians Gary Glitter Paul Francis Gadd (born eight May 1944), recognised by using the stage name Gary Glitter, is an English former glam rock singer who done famous fulfillment in the Seventies and 80s. He was known for his intense glam photograph of glitter suits, make-up and platform boots, and his active stay performances. He offered over 20 million records, spent 168 weeks on the United Kingdom Singles Chart and had 21 hit singles setting him inside the Top 100 UK most a success chart acts. From 1997, he returned to public note for committing intercourse offences, being imprisoned for downloading child pornography in 1999, and toddler sexual abuse and attempted rape in 2006 and 2015.
  4. Austrian Josef Fritzl, Paedophi9nThe Fritzl case emerged in April 2008, whilst a lady named Elisabeth Fritzl (born 6 April 1966) informed police inside the town of Amstetten, Austria, that she were held captive for 24 years by her father, Josef Fritzl (born nine April 1935). Fritzl had assaulted, sexually abused, and held against her wish, this sick monster called Josef is so deluded that he even sees himself as the worlds greatest day.
    Paedophi9iPaedophi9zHe raped her (his daughter) numerous instances at some stage in her imprisonment in the basement of the family house.The abuse by Elisabeth’s father resulted in the start of seven youngsters, 3 of them remained in captivity with their mother, one had died just days after beginning his life, a set of twin who needed immediate medical attention but fear of been found out Josef prefers the death of the young few days old baby than to risk bringing supicioun on himself, and the other 3 had been introduced up through Fritzl to his spouse, Rosemarie, having suggesting that his enslaved daughter writing a note to ask her mother to take care of her children as she is unable to take care of them herself, Josef then brought the children to the door post were the wife found them and took them in without informing the police as she regocnized her own daughters hand writting.
  5. Austrialian Warren Hayter has an in depth crook history of sexually abusing disabled boys as younger as 8 years vintage in Queensland, NSW and South Australia.
    Categorised as a serial paedophile with a “high threat of sexual reoffending”, Hayter has a history of entrenched behaviour in looking for younger boys for sex. Calling himself “Caveman”.
  6. Austrialian Bradley Pendragon, In 2012, a Perth mom became faced by means of what she notion was a homeless guy threatening her child with a knife in the road.
    Police arrested the person who became out to be notorious Australian paedophile Bradley Pendragon who were deported lower back to Australia from Thailand.
    Pendragon, at the beginning from Brisbane, had spent thirteen years in a Bangkok jail for raping and beating three women elderly among 8 and 12 years vintage.
  7. Bowe Maddigan had these days been released from jail on tablets fees when inside the northern Victorian town of Wangaratta he changed into invited to a celebration. Maddigan smoked hashish and drank into the night time with the celebration’s hostess, who went to bed subsequently at around 7am. Janelle Saunders might later say that Maddigan changed into rambling on on the birthday party and “very attention seeking”.Paedophil5f
    “He become full of testimonies and he changed into simply rambling and rambling and you couldn’t get a word in,” she stated. On waking, Ms Saunders observed her eleven-year-antique daughter have been sexually assaulted and murdered. Zoe Buttigieg had been sound asleep in the front room room while the group partied.
    Earlier that morning police have been alerted to a barefoot guy wandering on the Hume Highway south of Wangaratta, disoriented and in a fragile nation.
    The man changed into 29-year-old Maddigan, who changed into positioned in a town intellectual fitness unit. It become handiest later, whilst Ms Saunders suggested her daughter’s dying that police wondered Maddigan approximately the incident. In August this yr, Maddigan admitted to murdering and sexually assaulting Zoe after a marathon drinking and hashish-smoking session.




My Dear Heavenly Father In your name I break free from every evil thoughts, physic power, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse me from the truth in Your words or anyone around me. Destroy evil spiritual transference that is enslaving my spirit, soul, mind and body. Cancel and deliver me from every illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego entanglements, Wash me and set me free from Pedophile and I shall be clean. save me and I shall be saved from the hands of the wicked and redeem me from the hands of the Terrible.  Free me from satanic emotional manipulations, control and black mail. purge me, Save me and deliver me from the spirit of Pedophilia and pervation and I shall be saved. I choose to submit myself to God and flee from evil, I do not want to serve the devil no more I receive salvation today in Jesus mighty name. this I pray in Jesus might name, AMEN!

CONGRATULATIONS: GOD WILL SHOW MERCY: please if you said this prayer I would like to help you with a little gift to encourage you and welcome you back into the family of our creator, the only living God.


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