8. Flashers and lookers

This is the 8th of the 15 series sexual perversion and demonization series. also look at (Paedophile).

Flashers and Lookers: is a Slang for a person, especially a man, who exposes the genitals suddenly, and usually briefly, in public.


and lookers is also a Slang for a person, man or woman who derives sexual pleasure in looking at people getting intimate or it may also mean a person usually men who enjoys watching another individual perform and acts seductively while this perverted lookers pleasure themselves through masturbation. or use of sexual devices.

It is not an healthy behaviour, change your mindset by getingrid of the spirits that influences your unhealthy behaviours and keep your mindset clean and pure, holy to be an avenue of good instead of perversion and evil. as you get better in good, you can also get worse by doing evil. do not accept the bait from the beast, do not accept to eat with pigs, do the right thing for you and Heaven will back you up.lookers are not just people that decides to look at others, we have eople who hide behide official duties to abuse peoples privacy, the place camera in peoples homes and places to violate their intimate privacy.

As a Targeted Individual I lived in an Hotel in Via Roma, Bolzano were I believe not only me but I noticed the came in my room and when I reported to the police, everyone made fun of me, the social system, the police, the staff in the hotel, it was the most hurrible priod of my life, the postal police that was to investigate things like that was devided, as some wanted to take up the case, the gangstalkers amongst them stoped them, the government that is to protect us is dehumanising us, and this is not a joke, I challenge you at bolzano to legally challeng me of this and I will respond.

Spiritual Implication: Flashers and lookers are just people that has been brain damaged by demonic manifestation in their life and they are govern by this spirits to act like a fool to embarase themselves, flashing their private part and looking out for people have sex in their houses, in public places etc

Physical Implication: Flashers and lookers they male a fool of themselves by feeling someone is interested in looking at their private and intimate parts.

Remember: the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed so faith your feas and elevate your mind and resist the temptation to panic.


My Dear Heavenly Father In your name I break free from every evil thoughts, physic power, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse me from the truth in Your words or anyone around me. Destroy evil spiritual transference that is enslaving my spirit, soul, mind and body. Cancel and deliver me from every illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego entanglements, Wash me and set me free from Flashers and looker and I shall be clean. save me and I shall be saved from the hands of the wicked and redeem me from the hands of the Terrible. Free me from satanic emotional manipulations, control and black mail. purge my eyes and take control over my spiri soul and mind, Save me and deliver me from the spirit of Flashers and lookers and pervation and I shall be saved.

Creator God, I have no power nor strength of my own to fight darkness, I ask you to take control and free me from the powers of darkness that encamp around me, loose me from their network and free me into divine purpose and plan, I choose to submit myself to God and flee from evil, I confess with my mouth and accept in my heart that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life and I receive salvation today in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!

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