9. Nymphomania

This is the 9th of the 10 series sexual perversion and demonization series. also look at (Paedophile).

Hypersexuality and The terms nymphomania is the symptom of another medical disease or condition, for example, Klüver-Bucy syndrome or bipolar disorder. Hyper-sexuality may also present as a side effect of medication such as drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease, or through the administering of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen during hormone therapy. Clinicians have yet to reach a consensus over how best to describe hypersexuality as a primary co

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condition or to determine the appropriateness of describing such behaviors and impulses as a separate pathology.Hypersexual behaviors are viewed variously by clinicians and therapists as an addiction, a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or “OCD-spectrum disorder”, or a disorder of impulsivity. A number of authors do not acknowledge such a pathology and instead assert that the condition merely reflects a cultural dislike of exceptional sexual behavior.

Spiritual Aspect of Nymphomania

Nymphomania: Is the physical manifestation of what is happening in the spiritual realms, Nymphomania is the 9th of the 15 series sexual perversion and demonization series. also look at (Paedophile). the spirit of perversion is behind every sexual problems, from Rapist who learns raping through Gang-banging to Pedophile who practice sexual perversion through their own children, to the gang-stalkers who brain wash people to sell force them into sex slavery for their own financial gain etc Nymphomania is nothing bu sexual demon using that body for their own sexual evil lust through the full participation of the person whose spirit is under captivity, no counseling will talk demons out of anyone, counselling is just a way to help you numb the pain of the presence of a demon in you, let me just say it helps you get used to the demon living in you but the mercy of God is the only hope for an hopeless situation, demons can only leave you by casting them out of you, our body is the temple of the holyghost and any spirit that posses our body apart from the holyspirit must leave, you do not sweet talk them through counselling and digging up past wounds, no, this is just damaging your mind to be more receptive to the presence of demon because demons relate totally with pain and hurt.

So apart from the money wasted in this lustful behaviour, their is always the exposure of diseases to all sexual perversion STDs, Violent and lewd sex acts – some suffer of sex addiction turn to even more dangerous and unlawful sexual acts of recovery look up my blog on bestiality. Demons hate the human race like their master the devil, they are not hidding their hatred at all, ones you WILLFULLY open the door for them through sin, they will abuse you so much that some even suffer mental brake down, none of you that participate in sexual lust is guilty of all that happens but the only thing you are guilty of is willful

lly permitting demons into your body, they ripe your life that they hate so much to pieces, I love you so much that is what motivates my blog out of been a targeted Individual, I am not involved in any sexual perversion, I have never been and will nerver be but I have seen that gang-stalking program is to force people into satanism, the worship of Satan entails sexual perversion, that is the reason we are under attack, the act of persecution and defamation, shame campaign and dehumanization to make Targeted Individuals like me throw in the towel and join the bad wagon heading to hell fire. God forbid shows the determination of forces of darkness.
I see people been wasted everyday, I cry, my heart bleeds for the 4 years raped by their own parents, the phycho who finds pleasure in afflicitng people with pain, the animals are not spared because now, the demons rape animals too, you see why domestic animals are so aggresive now? so I do not know about you but I will not stay silent in abuse of Gods perfect master piece, the human race. Isiaih 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

If you are going through any form of sexual perversion, then you should begin to seek God in heaven for help, do not fall victim of the lies of the devil and his followers who claims their is no God, their is a God in heaven, He is the judge of the whole world and guess what he is also a loving father, run as fast as possible to him and he will save you, he can do that when you humble yourself in prayer, let God help you out of this bondage of sin, this prayer below can help you out.

Spiritual Implication: Nymphomania this spirit take control of the sexual desire of this body and it damages it with rage because the body is not theirs so the demons create as much as possible destruction as they can by sexually abusing the body to demage the spirit man and the emotional aspect of the person, worthlessness, distance of Creator God, lust seekers and do not believe in Love just like the demons controlling the situation.

Physical Implication: Nymphomania the physical aspect is not really visible because satan likes operating under ocover, so what he likes the most is for him to present someone so nice looking but totally depressed or damaged inside. physically their is nothing to be seen.

Remember: the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed so faith your feas and elevate your mind and resist the temptation to panic.


My Dear Heavenly Father In your name I break free from every evil thoughts, physic power, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse me from the truth in Your words or anyone around me. Destroy evil spiritual transference that is enslaving my spirit, soul, mind and body. Cancel and deliver me from every illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego entanglements, Wash me and set me free from Nymphomania and I shall be clean. save me and I shall be saved from the hands of the wicked and redeem me from the hands of the Terrible. Free me from satanic emotional manipulations, control and black mail. purge my eyes and take control over my spirit soul and mind, Save me and deliver me from the spirit of Nymphomania and perversion and I shall be saved.

Creator God, I have no power nor strength of my own to fight darkness, I ask you to take control and free me from the powers of darkness that encamp around me, loose me from their network and free me into divine purpose and plan, I choose to submit myself to God and flee from evil, I confess with my mouth and accept in my heart that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life and I receive salvation today in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!

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