Pressing On!!!

Whoever prevails is the person who refuse to give up, whoever falls is not a faliour but you become a failour if you refuse to stand back up, pushing against all opposition is not a crime but watching oppression crush you is abuse.

we may not know the way, but God knows the way, because jesus is the way, the truth and the life, chanllenges of Gangstalking program is a challenge that provoces devine intervention. since the devil can not tack you out he is trying to crush our spirit with the hope that we will throw in the towel, been bitter is not the answer but allowing Gods healing water to flow over our soul, allowing the Holyspirit to take control, fighting the good fight of faith.

We have not always stuck with God but He has always stuck with us, he never gives up on us, he hurts when we loose the fight we should be winning, The power and ability to move the mountains of problems out of the way. Pressing on and not giving up is all the collaboration God wants.