The ability to P.U.S.H

The Ability to push through determines the amount of control we relinquish to the opposition against the human race. I and so many other people out their independent of their race, age and gender that Gangstalking programme, racist system and abuse exsist, we also established that all they do is to afflict, confuse, torture, traum,atize the minds of human race.

PUSH (Pray Untill something happems) helps us forcus, meditation helps rejuvinate the mind but forcus is the key, be vigilant of their attack, tactics but pay more attention and forcus. let His mind be in you as it was also in christ Jesus, simply means forcus on God almighty, Divine assistance against satanic harrasment by sold out satanist but their power is lesser than ours, connecting to divinity means we tap into the only means of victory over darkness.

holding with one hand a sord for battle and Praying to connect to divine power, they will put up demonic resistance to stop our life but we need to be more determined than bunch of misearable satan worshipers against our life. running after what we believe, running after the truth and resisting every opposition. it is our mindset that diffrenciate between defeat and victory, they may lie, they may slander us, they may persecute but we are the ones in control not bunch of hopless pepetrators of hatred. we must be used to be flexible to be able to get what belongs to us. their is no way around success, the more opposition the greater the result, keep on moving and realise their is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lady Abimbola