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I am living in the United Europe of Gang-stalkers. A professional in Information Technology, Web Master and a certified Microsoft Professional. a self proclaimed advocate for Targeted Individual and a spoke person against predator, narcissistic Gang-stalking and Mobbing. after years of living in Italy, I have been thrown into the Gang stalking Persecution harassment I have decided to expose this evil plot against humanity which I have been forced into also. I have been forced out of working sector through objective demoralization been daily persecuted, harassed and theft of my properties through perspective demoralization. moved away from Italy April 2018, by choice, only to find out a united Europe of gang-stalkers. changing houses, towns and country is not the problem. gang-stalking is a universal attack and demoralization is their major technique to force Gods people into retreat, submission or hope the targeted Individuals make wrong move so they can be incarcerated or hospitalized. please join me in the campaign against gang-stalking persecution, it is a crime against humanity. the problem is not targeted Individuals crying out loud to the world but it is against Principalities, Powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Please Join me!! If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. donate on our gofundme account and face book. thank you.


I believe as a Christian, it is my duty to defend Gods words but I want to start by saying that I am very sorry if anyone practicing same sex union has ever gone through any form of child abuse or any type of abuse, I am proud of you, to be able to put up with the demons of perversion till date.

Gods Words

The truth about God`s honest oppinion is in Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with a man, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.saintaugustine1.jpg

the word of God clearly says that it is an abomination for a man to lay another man, likewise a woman with another woman, what really happens most of the time is that, that devil, wicked lucifer Targetes people while they are still ignorant, and feeble, so he plants demons in them till achieving a purpose contrary to Gods plan for that life, it then becomes the tormentor of such life when the time for it to manifest arrives.

Targeted from Birth

There is no such thing as homosexuality with Gods perfect creatures, neither anyone born this way, it is just a demon of perversion that has taken over these individual/s, Satan is an eternal foe of God and since his failed attempt to overthrow the almight father God, he failed, he has a judgement hanging over his head and his end is certain in Hell fire, though he still hang around in heaven but his end is Hell fire, so he has made up his mind that he (satan the devil) will not go alone, he will decieve, coex, lei to lure and drag all of Gods creatures, Gods beloved children to Hell with him. he practiced with Adam and Eve and he found out that, dip down Gods children heart is hidden rebellion, and they may secretly shear his devlish desire to be in control and be equal with God if they get some little assistance (deception to convince them and bring out what is within) but what happens with adam and eve is more of curiocity of a very naive woman that was formed and was provided for by God and Adam, all she knew was a loving father, she does not know sorrow, pain etc, all she knew was love, joy, happiness, abundance, fruitfullness etc so her curiocity to know something else exsist outside of this unimmaginable love she was living was beyound are control.

she ALLOWED satan to decieve her and she WILLFULLY decided to eat the fruit, God specifically instructed her not to eat, (The apple three was not poison or anything like that, it is God demostrating His sovereignity and making his creation know that he is not holding us against our will, we can willfully choose to serve him or any other thing, that was all the reason the three was intentionally kept in the garden of eden) satan knowing this truth then played with her (Eve) MIND and left her to meditate on his temptation while he keeps edging her in, untill she willfully accepted his bait and WILLFULLY choose to disobey our creator God and opened the door to self destruction (Satan never made her do anything but just worked on HER MIND and she willfully took the decision herself and lured Adam to join her, you see the chain of sin, she sin, and she is not going down alone), because choosing to eat the apple simply means she wants to be independent from God and satan choose the weaker to get to the stronger. Adam would not have fallen for his bait but because he loves eve he believed her and sinned against God.MLK-Homosexuality-Problem-2.png


Now with the biblical clear example, do you see any difference in the tecnique of todays Narccistic, Predatory Gangstalking programm and racist System backed up by the Antichrist System? nothing, if you aske me, absolutly nothing, because according to the bible:

  1. James 1:14-16 14 Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. 15 These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death. 16 So don’t be misled, my dear brothers and sisters.
  2. Ezekiel 29:16 “Then Israel will no longer be tempted to trust in Egypt for help. Egypt’s shattered condition will remind Israel of how sinful she was to trust Egypt in earlier days. Then Israel will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.”
  3. Mathew 4:1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil.
  4. Mark 1:13 where he was tempted by Satan for forty days. He was out among the wild animals, and angels took care of him.
  5. Luke 4:2 where he was tempted by the devil for forty days. Jesus ate nothing all that time and became very hungry.

Temptation accomplishes its desire through our own lust, but satan can also target a bright child and set such a person up to be sexually molested by a phychopath, a wizard, a possesed person e a satanist to transfer demons into that person through sex, this enslaves the spirit of the Target and crush the heart (Soul: will, intellect and emmotion) and the mind is intruded and convinced of sexual pervasion becomes a nomal thing, but that is after the Laws of God is totally erased from the mind of such a person. then they begin to talk crazy like they were born this way, they are guy preachers etc this is all demons in total domination of such a person, because to start with MAN is a SPIRIT (spirits do not have gender), we have a soul (which is taken over by satan in this type of situation) and we live in a Body (the container called Body is the one with Gender because God created it to be fruitful and multiply in other to be able to replenish the earth) that’s all. every other thing is satans master plan effort to ruin the human race.

We as shinning light for God but demon possesion hinder every possesed person, when he is surpposed to be achieing great things for God he has been magninaized by the demons of perversion and now all the glory goes to satan instead of the creator God. ANSWER TO THIS SATANIC ASSAULT IS DELIVERANCE.

satan will tempt us but we have the right to say no, I am better than this, I do not want to live independent from my creator.samsex.jpg


And LOVE never fails, Gods kind oflove,  loves all His creations and he will have mercy when you cry out to Him, same sex marriage is an abomination before God and God can free you from the bondage of sin, he loves you and wants you us all to live a victorious life, be have an enemy who opposes us from fullfilling Gods plan for our life but God is still in control.

Remember: the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed so faith your feas and elevate your mind and resist the temptation to panic.


The Wrong Issuev1.2.1.jpg




Heavenly Father In your name I break free from every evil thoughts, physic power, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse me from the truth in Your words or anyone around me. Destroy evil spiritual transferences. Cancel illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego entanglements, Wash me and I shall be clean. save me and I shall be saved from the hands of the wicked and redeem me from the hands of the Terrible.  Free me from satanic emotional manipulations and black mail. Save me and deliver me from the spirit of Homosexuality and pervation and I shall be saved.



Mind of Power

I will be talking as always about the powerful mind of Gods creations,  Everything God almighty created is perfectly made, until the great rebellion of a delinquent angel who thinks he is mightier than our creator God and the consequences of His heavenly coup de ta was a big TKO from our God and he was cast out of the presence of a Holy God but, he is not going down alone, he already took one third of the angels in heaven with him and he has vowed to make sure every human created by God is going down with him to hellfire, I will say that he has not done badly because so many are just trooping into hell out of fear, out of been placed in vulnerable positions, persecuted, harassment, lost, joblessness, selling their soul etc but how is satan achieving his aim against Gods people? satan is not powerful but by cooperation to his purposes under duress we make him worth more than what he is. The human Mind is Gods greatest Central Processing Unit into his creations purpose on earth, and that is the battle field for control, he who controls the mind, controls the man and that is the purpose of the concentration on the mind.2.jpg


Just for the sake of the people that are visiting my blog for the first time, I will explain again that Man is a SPIRIT who lives in a BODY and has a SOUL, this three aspect of creation makes a man (male and female).

  • The Spirit is seated in the right hand of the father when it is in obedience with God but sin gives satan and His delinquent demons legal right to enslave that SPIRIT of man until Jesus Christ is invited to step into the situation.
  • The Body is the container that carries Carries the Soul and the Spirit.
  • The Soul is our will, Intellect(The Mind) and emotions.

Now permit me to use the Trinity of God as example to creation, God the FATHER, God the SON, God the HOLY SPIRIT are all separate begin in one accordance and in unity with each other and none functions without the other, now the Spirit and the soul (the will, intellect which is the mind and the emotions of man can not exist on earth without the Body) so the beautiful, gracious and extremely powerful mind of the human beings is the point of mass attack by satan who is powerless and choose to attack were he is list suspected that way he has no or little resistance, it is only what you know is bad for you, you attempt to resist.6.jpg

first of all artificial things are introduced to numb the brain (the mind) mans intellect is crushed gradually but surely by synthetic prescription drugs, other hard drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc but the reason Gang-stalking programming was introduced to attack the human mind directly and the Targeted  are the Individuals ones that are not socially mind controled, not under the influence of anything dangerous and are morally stable and mentally stronger, contrary to gangstalkes propaganda oppinion about the Targeted Individuals to mislead enslaved person to believe the irony of this truth and fact, because this program is called an harassment program because it is meant to harass the healthy mind until hopefully  destroyed to the level of the beast or that it can be easily manipulated for the purpose of satan which is totally against the will and benefit of that person. satan quest to destroy the human race came with a lot of experiences, experiments and practices on the human minds, during the slave age, and during the holocaust was satans attempt to experiment on the human minds, afflicting pain, sleep deprivation, verbal harassment, defamation of character, shame campaign, lies, joblessness to damage sense of security etc all in an effort to crush the mind from be healthy, all this were created purposefully to numb the mind, then their is something called the peneal gland under the brain were the spirit of man connects directly, everything around the mind is affected by the use of any artificial thing including the peneal gland which can be destroyed with time, then our senses are automatically disconnected from God and it can never survive without divine anchor, you see the danger that sends signals to the mind, the enemy will make sure you hear their threatening because they have no power, we are the ones that have been created powerful, you feel the anger of injustice, maltreatment, offenses, provocations. this are all meant to destroy the mind, ones the mind has been crippled by drugs, alcohol, fear, negative emotions, sin, toxic environment etc then the man is walking straight towards hell WILLFULLY remember till now, satan has not demonstrated any power just verbal threats, showing you images to provoke fear with the intention that you willfully open the door to self destroy yourself or to cooperate with his pan to destroy you.

satan is a like a powerless Dictator without money nor ammunition and he is a best friend with another powerful, earthly power dictator who has wealth and other things to terrorize others, this other powerless dictator tricks the powerful dictator he has his best interest at heart and takes over his wealth and ammunition and use it against him. satan is like that, he tricks us to use our own divine power against ourselves, while we are busy concentrating on the harassment, he just wants us to be distracted enough to be manipulated, as a Targeted Individual myself I am under 24/7 harassment by some brain washed zombies, I daily forgive them because I do not want to be trapped in unforgiveness but my guards are up.1.jpg

that is all satans can do, They are determined in their attack waiting for you to blow a fuss they can use against you, thats all it is, as children of God self control is an 100% on our must do list, 98% is not even acceptable. Jesus has disgraced him on Calvary and striped him of all powers but by threat he can make us sin (Fear is sin) that way he will defeat the undefeated creation of God through our own mind. se finni (french)

OUR PURPOSE IS UNDER ATTACK, our mind is the greatest weapon the enemy is using against us, run to God the creator and let His mind be in us as it was in Christ Jesus.

by understanding the creator Gods plan for creating us with a purpose in mind, you realize that by even allowing another to attempt to control or manipulate the purpose of God for our life is wrong, we are responsible to realize Gods purpose for our life but put in mind that every tactic against us is to crush the mind that sustains the purpose of God which is to basically to sabotage the process of arriving at divine purpose. anything that is fighting the process is fighting Gods plan for His creation.

mass majority of the humans are already walking towards hell by choice, by their own free will, by chance, by trick, they are walking and not stopping, the enemy of our soul is far more determined than children of God, they are poisoning us, they are mass mind controlling us, they are twisting every mind available, turning us against each other, and defiling our children, sex slaves, over sexed and perverted generation, drugs, alcohol, etc satan claims to be god but if he is god he should create humans like God but no, the delinquent satan can not create even a chicken but instead he brain wash the woman to believe lies and he collects (steals) eggs (ovaries) keeps them in laboratories were they can manipulate it and injects it back to produce a child and humans see nothing wrong in manipulating the work of God, God is God all by Himself He needs no help in creation and He never said He has forgotten how to create humans, humans has become satans incubator for his demonic generation without anyone suspecting anything and God looks down on us and I believe sad that look at princes walking on the ground while slaves take over their royal benefits. I cry also with God for all I can do is write my blog, pray for the human race and do my part as I am divinely instructed.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT God created man from the dust and blow His breath into man and formed woman from this master original called man and both of them come together the penis penetrating the vagina to ejaculate sperm to fertilize the overlies and creates a new life that LOOKS JUST LIKE THEM but test tube and laboratory babies looks and takes the form of the brain behind its creation, satan, he is behind such human atrocity, this is not science this is abomination and you wonder why babies are born deformed, demonized from the womb etc?

we also have the brain been coax into believing in organ harvesting hmmm the more I write the more I feel pain in my heart hmmm God is God all by Himself and God ha sent Jesus to pay for all that satan will do to us which means even our health is paid for. If you and I believe in God we will understand that our Body is self healing body (PERFECT CREATION) but even if any organ id damaged, it can only be replace and restored by the creator of the organ, but oh no satan the devil possess his dedicated worshipers to play god here on earth but this make believe godssssss are nothing but fake like their daddy satan, they play god but can not create anything, instead they once again, play with the mind of man to believe that you can donate your money to help others (this I agree with in a prudent way) you can donate cloths to sustain the needy (this I agree with in a prudent way), you can give food to the hungry (this I agree with in a prudent way) etc but donating organ?? how does that work? for your organ to be useful to others you must still be alive to have the organ alive and useful so it means you sign your own death warrant by allowing your mind to be brain washed to believe you are doing good, you can not take your own life it is a sin against God almighty neither can you distribute your own organ while you are alive because if you are assassinated through your own ignorance, before God it is no sin against satan and all his armies of delinquent, they have your signed approval to be killed.4

satan is a lair and they never tell the truth, they work on your mind and you willfully accept to what you do not understand and you sign your own death warrant. if satan and all his worshipers are god then produce your own organ, if you are so nice you want to perform miracle, they keep on messing with the perfectly made work of God THE ONLY CREATOR.

the mind of the human is the key to solving the worlds problems, how? by the renewal of our mindset, by submitting to our creator God, by starting an healthy relationship with God. we need God not each other, we need each other only for fellowship because of this misconception people loose their self worth because you believe you need people, friends, doctors, teachers, pastors, you need this one that one, we need each other for fellowship that’s all,  fellowship will make you work on your relationship with God, builds self esteem, focus on our divine purpose, assist each other not depend on each other etc but an atmosphere of evil is to make us believe we need each other, lol we don’t, we only need God the creator. we are under sever demonic attack but under the banner of God we are secured, God is merciful and gracious, he is able to protect and preserve us and purify our land ones more, the more grounds the enemy gains the more he becomes bolder in his attack against the human race. come back to your God and love Him with all your heart, do not let His words depart from you, He wants to heal our land of satanic toxicity and restore back His people.


Fill our minds with the words of God and we will have no room for the lies of satan and all his delinquent and hopeless armies. let His mind be in us as it was also in Christ Jesus, Their is Power in the Blood of Jesus, their is Power in the name of Jesus Christ, their is Power of the Holy Spirit to rise up a stand against intrusion of any kind.



  1. Through Ignorance, Deviance and illiteracy

    My own definition of Ignorance is the lack of knowledge in a particular issue or situation, when you refuse to acknowledge and get better or well informed about a situation, it is inevitable that you may become a casualty of such a situation. Gang-stalking is a criminal act and a great atrocity committed against the human race but it has been used for years, for decades and for centuries to gradually but surely destroy lives, secretly. While people do not understand what is happening to them, someone is pulling the strings to destroy their lives, set them up and enslave them in situations, illiteracy or Ignorance will make you walk right into oppression, and as I usually say in my Blog MELANINANDALBINOID, That the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

    See Reason: all power belongs unto God and also unto him belongs mercy, study to be well informed about the world you are living in and about your surroundings, ignorance is very costly.

  2. Circular, humanistic indoctrination and Religion:

    exposing yourself to Religion can be deadly, spiritually speaking because Religion has always been the main targeted for mass demoralization, why? Because it intrudes, the spirit soul and mind of man, which is the number one focus of the gang-stalkers. The mind of man (C.P.U of the human) is a place that controls the whole being of that person, who ever controls the mind, controls the man. Their is always someone who attempts to take control of your mind, how? Through manipulating you to believe in a certain way (Mindset) or to hate someone without a reason (Brainwash), or afflict others with little or no reason (Afflicting you mind to please an oppressor). Humanistic indoctrination is just another way of saying mind control in the Christian circle.

    See Reason: The Bible says that Religion has a form of Godliness but deny the power of God which means that it pretends to be of God (Wolves in sheep clothing) but it is of the devil, choose wisely who feeds your spirit because it is much more important than who feeds your stomach.

  3. Perversion:

    Is the abnormal use of something, while God created sex between a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) through the vagina and penis, for multiplication (The sperm germinates the ovaries and produces another authentic human being not a clone but a great original from God) only in a marriage institute but the willful desire to start experimenting on sex (e.g bestiality with animals, any form of sex outside of the order of God is explained above only penis in vagina, every other way is an abomination and it is influenced by demons, such perversion is influenced by forces of darkness that has found a way into such a life, using other entrance for sexual pleasure instead of the godly provided entrance which leads to fruitfulness) any sexual intercourse outside marriage with other entrance that can not be fruitful is perversion and this attracts demons of perversion, oppression, hatred, wickedness, lying demons etc to you, and when demons are present in you, you become an instrument for satan, to help in perverting other people, perpetrators that help in the predatory gang-stalking are chosen through demonic identification.

    See Reason: is totally influence by evil spirit in other to gain more control over your life, prayer and deliverance will definitely set you free.

  4. Gang-banging, Alcohol and drugs:

    already based on the point above, you know this is a willful attempt to destroy yourself, sex is to multiply, fruitfulness in a marriage institution between a male and a female, gang-banging is a group sex, which is usually done for different reasons, though everyone involved may not know the truth, they may probably believe they are enjoying themselves but the truth is that, sex in general is a huge express weapon to destroy that live but Gang-banging is always initiated when some satanist are in need of human energy, so they lure inncent but willfull individuals to perticipae because they need energy from such individual, it is also used for the initiation of a new member in the satanist cycle, it is a nomal thing amongst satan worshipers.

    Is you a not a satanist neither are you been initiated them you have willfully participated in a satanic ritual that will end up opening your life to be demoralization, demonic attack and marked by secret society, alcohol will become more desirable in such life and drugs more acceptable because this actually helps to numb your penal gland which intrudes your mind and you are totally opened to become an human agent for satan, willfully or not, you have opened yourself and given permission to demons, through this three means you are exposed to demons of perversion, depression, oppression, failure, hatred of anything good and godly etc

    See Reason: why should you subject yourself o enslavement and a life of oppression when you can have peace with God through godliness, abstain from lustful desires that will only destroy.

  5. Illegal solicitation:

    illegal activities, child molestation, drug use or trafficker, domestic violence etc

  6. Greed, thievery, cruelty, harshness, severity, insensitivity, bigotry, and bias:

    all this are totally different to the fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, patience, hospitable, long suffering etc all the works of darkness will lure you to greater darkness, satan does not have a limit, you give him a finger, he takes the whole of your life by force through the entrance you have willfully given to him.

    See Reason: God is love and His plan for us is good and not evill to give us a hope, a future and peace of mind

  7. Compromise:

    when you compromise the word of God, knowing fully well, what you should do and what you should not do, this way you willfully attract attack on yourself. Lust of the Eye is whatever sin you allow your eyes lure you into, Lust of the flesh is whatever you refuse to control in your life, will then control you and pride of life is detaching yourself totally from been humble and allowing titles, position and achievements define you instead of who you really are as a child of the most high God.

    See Reason: that God requires from us, not to conform to the ways of the wicked but we should always renew ur mind to conform it to the will of God.

  8. Carnality, Luke-warmness and worldliness:

    well, this speaks for itself, God has zero tolerance for Luke-warmness because if you are neither with God for him to protect you and you float around then you are exposing yourself to danger. Living in an atmospheres of religion that will make you believe as an individual you can have sex and God will understand, that is carnality because playing with sin is playing with your soul, the soul catcher is close by you, waiting for a wrong move and he takes over your life for destruction.

    See Reason: that only they that know their God will be strong and do exploit here on earth

  9. Disunity and persecution:

    first of all, this is internal disunity within yourself like carnality or Luke-warmness, this will break down your inner strength and disconnect you from heaven. Persecution needs a lot of tolerance and divine help to sustain yourself in times of persecution and trials, if you do not handle well persecution it will take you to the wrong direction.

    Persecution is meant to demoralize you and create internal confusion, when y person is confused every road leads to your destination, persecution is to force you into subjecting yourself to be abused by predatory, narcissistic gang-stalkers.

    See Reason: go to God for inner strength like Jesus at the garden. Inner strength from satanic onslaught is gotten only from God.

  10. Racism system and unethical dealing:

    Racism is a system and not an hatred between melanin and albinoid race. Everything goes when you are dealing with satanic oppression, everything is useful, satanist are not interested in just enslaving the human race, their plan is to take as many as demonic ally possible to hell fire. God is a protector and he needs us to create an atmosphere for him to help us. Seek after righteousness and God will help you. Their is absolutely not good in hatred, but hatred is needed for satan to operate smoothly amongst the human race. Hatred of each other, hared of races, hatred of ethnicity, hatred of any kind is bad.

    See Reason: God is love and everyone that loves is of God and gives God a chance to reign in their life.


The Soul Hunters

Mind – Soul – Spirit

(This is from my upcoming book THE SOUL HUNTERS (subscribe to my youtube channel MELANINANDALBINOID to be part of the lucky 10 to get a free signed copy)

Read my blog THE MAN AND THE MIND, I explained in details Mind-Soul-Spirit.1.jpg

The soul Hunters wants our soul, they are soulless, they need us desperately, and working on our emotional ruin day and night, it is a common saying that Sad people make others sad, depressed people put others in despair, poor people hate wealth, envious people see you better than them and remind them of all they should have become. The soul of man is the divine permission that makes us human, demons want to be here on earth so they look for a BODY to operate through, they have no legal permission to violate the temple of the Holy Spirit so they try to gain access by tricking us.

  1. Gaining entrance access: they convince our MIND of evil, then when we sin, we ignorantly give them legal permission before God almighty to violate our body for their evil use, they are permitted by a just God.
  2. Working enslavement from within: But their target is our SOUL (Satans Trophy to laugh at God) after obtaining direct access into our Body, they begin to influence you from within, pervert Gods Truth, our mind is the weapon they need the most, it is through the mind demons convinces God-children that they are born this way (A big fat lie, blinded by the truth in Gods word) no man is born a woman, neither a woman born a man, I will tell you the truth today. Man is a SPIRIT-we have a SOUL-and live in a BODY, this is the truth but did you see anything he/she? Because spirit has no gender, we are neither male nor female, but when God created a BODY(Body to house the spirit and soul of a man here on earth) during creation God created man (Body) and took a rib from man to Form woman (Body). So were is I AM BORN THIS WAY coming from? Man is a spirit (genderless) who lives in a BODY (Male or female), our Body (earthly suit) is the gender, not our Spirit. What is manipulating from within are the demons that you have granted access into your life through sin and this particular one is called demon of pervasion (perverting the truth of God in your mind and you begin to willfully speak with your mouth the thought-demon bounce to your mind. Satan is powerLESS but through OUR MIND we make him powerFUL. (simple as ABC) you see that God is good? But we get into trouble because God is a just God and he follows divine protocol not mans lies or emotions.2
  3. Influencing the outer: the soul hunters start influencing our outside world through the extent of damage they have created internally, I will use the most common and ruthless attack on the mind by demonic presence that has possessed them.
  • A child molester, has already been mentally fragmented by demons of perversion to target innocent children whom they can not have easy access because the spirit of a child is very pure and Angels protects them 24/7, so this fitly demons of perversion, wanting to possess children also and finds it totally impossible to do so, so they begin a perverted mental masturbation on a demon-possessed adult, convincing him that a child is sexually attractive and they can subdue and dominate to realize sexual fantasies, on an innocent child, when this demonic desire is at its maximum level, they then violate a child (Child molester), an innocent child is sexually molested, and this gives demons easy access to the child through the sexual intercourse, th child is opened up for demonic possession, then the child is smeared and begins another cycle of demonic possession.
  • Same-sex attraction is demons operating through your mind, I have already explained above in details. Our gender is the Bodysuit and not our spirit, we are spirits and spirit is genderless. there is nothing like a genderless spirit become a man or a woman, it just does not exist, impossible. but The body (Bodysuit) is either created as a Man or formed as a woman why because a Male body suit (Body) is built to produce Sperm which is cells within the male body and are subject to conditions the rest of the body is exposed to throughout their development cycle. Extreme temperatures, smoking, drug use, alcohol and poor diet can all impact the quality of sperm. except only through a healthy lifestyle. while a Female body suit (Body) is built to produce the female egg cells necessary for reproduction, called the ova or oocytes. The system is designed to transport the ova to the site of fertilization. Conception, the fertilization of an egg by a sperm, normally occurs in the fallopian tubes. The next step for the fertilized egg is to implant into the walls of the uterus, beginning the initial stages of pregnancy. If fertilization and does not take place, the system is designed to menstruate (the monthly shedding of the uterine lining). so were can gender confusion comes in here, Gods creations are clear and there is no confusion in His works, gender is only on the BODY which is built to multiply (Produce other humans), spirit cannot multiply, spirit is connected to God almighty and the Soul has nothing to do with your claims of been born this way because soul is the will, emotions and intellect so therefore I put it to every same-sex lovers claiming you were born this was that you are been bewitched by a demon of perversion who has taken over your mind, the door to this wicked demon can be opened usually a perverted sex, I will go through the trouble to explain perverted sex because the world is so defiled people are unable to see things the way they truly are again. PERVERTED SEX to me is a sexual act that is done outside the main way sex is supposed to be, so normal sex acceptable by God is meant to be the penis penetrating the Virginia and sperm is released and it fertilizes the eggs and a child will be born nine months later, so, therefore, sexual perversion is done outside these simple ways God created sex. (eg Perverted Sex: ANAL SEX, MALE TO MALE, FEMALE AND FEMALE, BESTIALITY, CHILD SEX, SEX BETWEEN PARENTS AND CHILDREN, SEX BETWEEN SIBLINGS ETC) This is the sexual perversion I can come up with for now. if at any time in your life you have been a victim of the type of sexual intercourse, this is where the door was opened to demons of perversion and you must pray to God to forgive you so you can be delivered from this demon that controls your sexuality. the psychologist will not help you, only God can help you.
  • Oppression, God has created us all so beautiful and wonderful, with a perfect mandate to be FRUITFUL, to MULTIPLY, to REPLENISH THE EARTH, to SUBDUE every opposition and to DOMINATE, but our the devil our number one contender who has gained access to most lives for generations is not going to watch it happen, not on his watch is any of God-children going to be fruitful except he(satan) takes the glory for this success, so he throws demons of oppression, to stress out and Targeted this person for severing satanic oppression.

Solution: Confess and repent of sin (the legal right you gave the devil) be taken back the legal right through confession of sin, we invite back the angels of God to divinely protect us and we must stay away giving back the legal rights, Satan will try to repossess you but the choice is ours, WE DESIRE TO BE FREE OR LOSE? Then stay away from physical sin, mental sin, emotional sin LUST OF THE EYE, LUST OF THE FLESH and PRIDE OF LIFE. Read the Bible (The TRUTH) and the truth in Gods words will set you free.

Mindset-Renewed to save the Soul

If our Joy (The joy of the Lord is our strength) in the Lord dwindles, our love for Him is affected and our faith in Him drastically fizzles into thin air, then fear sets in, murmuring, complaining doubts etc. but the truth of God which the Antichrist spirit in the gang-stalkers are fighting us for, Knowledge of Gods words is getting wisdom to navigate through life but been blinded by forces of darkness from knowing this truth will cost us a lot, We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free, John 8:32,

Every Situation contrary to the purpose God created us for is a big lie Gen 1:31, for I know the plans I have towards you, plans to prosper you, plans of good and not evil to give you a triumphant end. The evil one opposing God almighty through us is a liar and a deceiver John 8:44 do not listen to his lies and be deceived by is illusions, the children of darkness are jealous of us as children of the highest God, because We, the children of God are FREE, they, the children of satan are bound, We, the children of God excises FREEWILL to chose, they, the children of satan are under a Tyrannous Dictator master, We, the children of God are loved and divinely helped and protected, but the children of Satan has to protect themselves through their demonic unity to fight for their God.

So do not need to waste our time-fighting losers, they are haters because they have no hope and We, the children of God have our hope in the Lord. So the only choice these narcissistic haters have is to befriend us, lie to us, deceive us and hurt us through our mind so we can be misled into destruction, LOL, Pathetic armies, satanist Delinquent, gang-stalkers are hopeless and judged by our God, for even attempting to make us, God-children sad.



I am Lady Abimbola, and I reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers but I continue to reign as a Child of the Most High God, totally submissive to divine plans and purposes, I am divinely protected and Helped. I Plead my case before your court, oh God of Haven, fight against, and close the way against them that persecute me, they have dug for my soul and set traps for me, they plot and plan for my life, Oh Lord let them fall into their own traps, let them be swallowed by the very beast they placed on my pathway. As for me, I will put my trust and hope in you and I will not allow my heart to be troubled for you are able to take care of me.

The Glory of God surrounds me, Lord you are my strong shield against the evil men that surrounds me.

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I Know The God in Whom I serve

Externally imposed to internally induce

Life is made up of natural and the super natural realms (The spiritual realms) if you regularly follow my blog, you would by now understand that I believe in the power of self healing and choices, this guards every child of the most high God, irrespective of whatever is going on around us, never loose focus and you will never loose control. The attack against our soul is externally imposed to make us loose focus through our human senses sight/hearing/feel/taste/touch then the mind can become a weapon in the hand of our oppressors to destroy us or a weapon of Power in the hands of our God, the choice is always our own not the evil aggression against us.

To stop evil at its conception we need to rightly understand that our believe system is actually the main target, the attacks are the lost of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life if we biblically group them, with the intention to internally enslave our mind to reset it to the level of the beast, though the battle is the Lords but Decisions are made by us. We have an enemy no doubts but it is not an excuse to take the bait offered by this enemies, it is established that their attempt is to destroy the human race through the powerful mind of the humans themselves, forces of darkness are not take prison of war they need solders of satan, they are not just trying to destroy the human race but they need Antichrist armies, a total mind controlled armies, blinded, soulless, and matching straight to hell fire (only they that know there God as the Almighty Creator and surrender to him and refuse to bow to darkness shall be strong and do exploit).

Building up negative energy around a Targeted Person or group of people is to create an atmosphere of tension, heaviness through all kind of wickedness afflicted most especially slander the greatest weapon of the oppressor. Slander is to pervert a thing from its right use to present it to something evil, for it to be subjected to be mis handled, misjudged, mismanaged, unrecognized and devalued etc, slander is used to prepare the atmosphere of afflictions for the entrapment of the enemy towards the Targeted Individual, and create in the mind of others around the Targeted Individual a delusion of deception towards the Targeted Individual lies, totally far from reality but this is intentionally done so when the enemy attacks the Target person is left without help, without testimony and without a support system, well this is were the battle of Divine Power and Satans Power cross paths but the outcome depends on whose report we believe, obviously all powers belongs to God, satan and all his defeated armies are no match with Jesus Christ, The Lion of the tribe of Judea, but slander is meant to break down our mental defense system so the defeated foe can have an advantage over us but if you are smart, you know the battle is not flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places (Which simply means against a determined and vicious foe) at this point of pressure, continuous renewal of the mind through divine help to give us knowledge on how to navigate through darkness without being a casualty, A wise man is strong, a man of knowledge increases in strength.

The normal human reaction to all negative energy attack is to be resentful, bitter, unforgiving, hateful thereby aiding the plot against us to create more negative energy around ourself, negative energy invites demons, breeds diseases, destruction, defeat, poverty, lack and more afflictions, harsh environment that creates stagnancy and nothing is fruitful, so Concentrating on the predatory, Narcissistic, Gang-stalking Satanic Armies is not only a waste of our precious time but also a bait of self crucifixion, were we place our attention on insignificant forces of darkness, were we have our heart we draw strength from, and gang-stalkers have only negative and toxic energy to offer to the children of God, they are all over the place, always in our face, rumor mongers, evil broadcasters, haters all have a mission launch a slander attack to demoralize the Targeted Individual so hopefully the Targeted Individual can bow down to satan.



But we still have to make choices which is all we need to survive the onslaught against us, as soul hunters want you and I in Hell fire with them, how they achieve it does not matter as long as we get to hell fire with them, their slanderous attack is they expect an anger reaction, bitterness reaction, luring us with different baits especially what ever we desire at that point in time, Evey bait before us, is to make us sin against God and fall out from been divinely protected and helped.

At this point Jesus is praying for us as God the father is concerned about our mindset, James 1:21 says Lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness and receive with meekness, the en-grafted word which is able to SAVE OUR SOUL.

Save our soul from believing the lies thrown around, others may believe the lies against us but as long as we do not believe the slanderous lies and defamation, we are okay and in line with God. The en-grafted word of God destroys the lies of satan and builds the wall of righteousness in our mind. As the enemy of our soul continuously attacks us with words to hurt us the word of God says as we should keep our mind healthy it is written in 1st Thess. 5:23 And the very God of peace sanctify us wholly and pray God, our whole SPIRIT and SOUL and BODY be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

Getting Rid of Spiritual Toxins

To get rid of all this Toxic energy against us, We must continuously renew our mind daily because we have a foe that is not relenting taking us to hell with them, humanistic armies of satan is daily looking out for souls to take to hell, they are ready to drag us, pull us by the hair, threaten us, seduce us, lie to us, lie against us, deceive us, all in an attempt to get our souls to hell.

So daily meditation, renewal of our mind, cutting away the toxic energy by Gang-stalkers persecution, harassment and shame campaign against us, we must maintain the promise of God believing the report of God and His faithfulness to his children are new every morning, and to remember that they that have their Trust and hope in the Lord shall not be ashamed.

And they that are with us are far more than they that are against us, God the father is with us, God the son is with us and God the Holy spirit is with us and all the angels of God are with us, no weapon both physical a1nd spiritual weapons formed against us shall prosper and all who rise up against us in judgment, we shall show to be in the wrong, the battle is not ours but the Lords, so we must strive hard to operate with God by protecting our heart. who we let into our inner circle and feeds our soul, the thoughts we accommodate in our mind for the weapons of our warfare are not canal but mighty through God to pull down strong hold cast down vain imagination and everything that exalt themselves against the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Getting rid of this spiritual toxins is of utmost importance, evil tried to stop mans redemption on the cross and nothing is stopping it from attempting to stop us, but we have an advantage over evil, he is only the prince of the power of the air, he will threaten and show us how he will dismember us to pieces, why to put fear in us in other to subdue our mind, By our own thoughts, within the power of thought, so will our outward life and circumstances shape themselves accordingly. Whatsoever a man thinks (harbor) in the inmost chambers of our heart is what he is. sooner or later by the inevitable law and the power of the thought we begin to gravitate towards what we accommodate in our mind.

The soul that is impure, sordid, self centered and selfish, is gravitating with unerring precision toward misfortune and catastrophe; the soul that is pure, unselfish, and noble is gravitating with equal precision toward happiness and prosperity. Every soul attracts its own, and nothing can possibly come to it that does not belong to it. To realize this is to recognize the power of the Mind God has given to the human race. The mind is the battle field and satan wants control of our mind.

He who controls the mind, controls the man. So many Targeted Individuals has explained that the psychopathic satanic gang-stalkers has tried to say the targeted individuals needs mental evaluations, LOL I laugh s very hard because I know what this armies of satan are capable of doing, all they are trying to do is to verbally declare you made so they can place a satan worshiping psychiatrist to manipulate and evaluate your mind to fit what they want, which is!!! to declare you mentally unfit legally, written then they can begin the process of programming your mind to fit into satanic agenda, we are not dealing with jokers, we are dealing with highly perverted, satanist psychopath, I am surrounded by them and my guards are up 24/7.

Focusing on the word and principles of God is highly important because, have your eyes watching the oppressors moves, strategies and plotting against you but fight mostly in the spirit because this is were we are extremely superior and divinely protected and have victory that manifest on the outside. New Information equals-New Mindset-Renewed Strength in line with God-children.


Solution PRAYER:

In the might name of Jesus Christ, I resist advancements to destroy my life, my influence, my ministry, my business, my prosperity, my relationships, My name and opportunity.

I break out of satanic bondage and resist bewitchment. Father severe illegal spiritual attachments, covenants, contracts, obligations, vows, reverse satanic contaminations. Cause the blood of Jesus to purify and decontaminate my soul, my spirit and my mind. I break free from every evil thoughts, Antichrist spirits, powers, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse me. Destroy evil spiritual transferences. Cancel illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego-entanglements, Wash me and I shall be clean. Free me from satanic emotional manipulations.

I nullify the spirit of sabotage, seduction and deception. I shall not be undermined, underestimated, or undervalued, I nullify defamation of my character through slander, I reverse bad reputation and stigmatization by association, I declare that all contaminations are rearligated by the blood of Jesus.

I declare my name is associated with honesty, integrity, righteousness, holiness, uprightness and purity. Frustrate and bring to naught the evil prognosticators. Father, reverse evil decrees, disappoint those operating in the spirit of hamman as you overrule and veto diabolical originated legislations, policies, laws and regulations against my favor. Expose and disgrace the enemy in all their scheme strategies, tactics, plots, plans and devious ways against me.


I reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers but I continue to reign as a Child of the Most high God, divinely protected and Helped. Plead my course oh Lord, fight against them that persecute me, stop the way against them that persecute me, they have dug for my soul and set traps for me, Oh lord let them fall into their own traps, let them be swallowed by the very beast they placed on my pathway. As for me I will put my trust in you and I will not allow my heart be troubled for you are able to take care of me.

The Glory of God surrounds and protects me from all harm and surely as they plot and plan for my life, God in heaven is my strong shield against the evil men that surrounds me.

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Refusing to bow down to the level of the beast

The main Purpose behind defamation of Character

The reason Defamation of character by Predatory, Narcissistic Gang-stalkers is a potent weapon it is because they are trying hard to get control of our life through our own head, so, they understandably attack our heart through our mind, through slander,  defamation, demoralization  (the bible says guard our heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of YOUR LIFE). In my previous blog, THE MAN AND THE MIND I gave a clearer view about the mind and what the man is and how the spirit, the soul and mind connects and bring about the reality around us. Jesus Christ has made all things perfect but evil is the number one contender of that perfection.

Gang-stalkers takes direct order from satan and their brainwashed, bewitched, under contract Perpetrators of evil are satanic armies takes order from the human gang-stalkers that then unleash all kind of affliction on humans and only the Holy spirit can restrain the determined satanic armies but the responsibility we have is to watch what goes in and influence our mind.

Defamation/slander/false accusation/propaganda/shame campaign etc are all part of an evil attempt to destroy our mindset which links our self worth and success, you will agree we are dealing with an enemy that technically he knows were to attack us without even touching us (that is the real reason Targeted Individuals find it hard to convince anyone except people that are equally gang-stalked can believe them) but! Narcissistic G.stalkers are not in control, God is in Control of everything in Heaven and here on Earth, satan and his defeated psychopathic armies are attention seekers, they want to feel important be attacking and putting Gods children in a vulnerable position, hoping we would make the wrong choice but thank God that by he grace of God some of us are still holding on to faith and God the almighty creator believes in us to stand our grounds and maintain the spirit God gave to us (I have not given you the spirit of fear but of LOVE, of POWER and of SOUND MIND) the beast takes away sound mind and love from all his dedicated evil zombie armies that is the reason they steal, they kill, the lie, they destroy without thinking twice, but know that they are vicious because they have no heart.3.jpg

But as children of God, Sound mind is part of our spirit, all Power belongs unto our God and Love is God and only the ones that are of God can truly Love (Agape Love). If we are happy, it is because we dwell in happy thoughts in our mind if miserable the same thing applies which means that irrespective of the circumstance the beast creates around us, we are in control of our inner decision, no one but us has that power, now we also have the right to renounce that power or hold on to it and refuse to let evil persecution, afflictions bend us to the level of the beast, because Whether we are fearful or fearless, foolish or wise, troubled or serene, within that beautiful soul of ours, lies the cause of its own state or states, and never without, take care of your mind because evil wants your soul.

Outward circumstances do not affect our minds? it is an infallible truth, that circumstances can only affect you in so far as you allow them to do so. That is the reason Gang-stalkers continuously bombards us with false accusation, slander campaign, defamation because this satanic armies expect you to be troubled and You are swayed by circumstances because you have not a right understanding of the nature, use, and power of thought.

Jesus said Cast all your burdens on me for I care for you and upon this little word Faith in God, hang all our sorrows and joys on Jesus Christ that outward things have no power to make or mar our life, we do not submit to those outward things, circumstances, shame campaign, slander etc they are all pressure set to make us believe we have no control over circumstances, that is absolutely rubbish, when God is in control we have absolute control over everything, we plan A or plan B you choose.

We don’t ever have to confess that we are a slave to anyone or anything here on earth because a slave answers to the master and the master owns and dictates the very existence of the slave and everything the slaves owns belongs to the master, and by giving attention to a Predatory, Narcissistic delusional psychopaths human agent used by powers not of our God the creator, your unconditional master; by so doing, you invest them with a power which they do not, of themselves, possess, and you succumb, in reality, not to the mere circumstances, but to the gloom or gladness, the fear or hope, the strength or weakness, which your thought sphere has thrown around them. Two people can be in the same circumstance and the two are exposed to the same opportunity to resolve their situation but they both have different outcome, why is this? Because of the Mindset.2.jpg

The curse to the one because he clothed the event with dark and dreary thoughts of hopelessness and negativity, it was a blessing to the other, who sees hope and possibility in every new situation and the opportunity before him/her then he threw around it thoughts of strength, of hope, and renewed endeavor. If circumstances had the power to bless or harm, they would bless and harm all men alike, but the fact that the same circumstances will be alike good and bad to different souls proves that the good or bad is not in the circumstance, but only in the mind of him/her that encounters it.

SOLUTION: God is the only creator and if we trust, obey and serve him, he can and will strengthen us in time of trials and tribulations, never give in to the pressure of the devil, he has nothing that is worth our time, take care of your mind, your heart for out of it flows the issues of our life. We are created in the image and the likeness of the creator God and we are built for success nothing less. Gods plan for us is good and not evil to give us hope and a beautiful future.

Rectifying our heart

Our heart has a lot to do with our life and the bible says out of it flows the issues of life, so when darkness wants you to hear slanderous remarks because they want your heart to be troubled, LOL by patiently examining and rectifying our heart we will be gradually led into the discovery of the origin and nature of evil, the beast and its demonic armies which will necessarily be followed by its complete eradication of its effect in our heart (Evil has no power over us, only he power we give to it) so he seeks the power through slander, shame campaign hoping that is a good enough bait to demoralize us into giving him space in our central processing Unit of the mind. All evil is corrective and remedial, and is therefore not permanent. It is rooted in ignorance, ignorance of the true nature and relation of things, and so long as we remain in that state of ignorance,I remember ones I made a statement and though people understand what I was saying but they were still able to smell racism out of my statement and I explained to the people that one thing can be rest assured, if a melanin person sounds racist, it is not racism, it is called anger and resentment because Racism is a system inculcated in the mind of a race against another race to limit a race in favor of another race, to mismanage one race to manage another, to abuse one race for the use of another (Check my video blog on Racism is a system not a personal hatred)

we remain subject to evil. There is no power in Gang-stalker persecution which is not the result of ignorance, if we were ready and willing to study their attack strategy and use it contrary to their expectation of the reaction they hope to get from us, it lead us to higher wisdom in the Power of God.  The type of mindset we have is totally important.1.jpg

But if we remain in evil, and it does not pass away because men are not willing or prepared to learn the lesson which it came to teach them. Even through Gang-stalkers repeatedly harass us because their aiming for a reaction and we do not have to bow down to their level, if we continue to entertain this psychopathic narcissistic demon possessed Human agents we would be pulled to their level, praying always in the spirit for spiritual renewal is very important as we get inner strength only from God.

Purify a toxic environment and do not allow yourself to be dragged into foolishness.

Reference VIDEO


I reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers but I reign as a Child of the Most high God.

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Total trust in our Creator God

Self esteem comes from total trust in God

Jehovah Almighty creator, the I am that I am God is greater than any powers operating here on earth but if the earth is infested with powers that are not of God, the children of God are to be blamed because All Powers belongs to God and also unto him belongs mercy, God has given us a mandate here on earth to rule as His children and dominate but if we a lured away though through deception by evil powers, it is only us using our free will as His children unwisely. We can only be lured away from Holiness if we tolerate unholiness around us, moral standards should not be compromised, relationship with our creator should not be doubted or placed in a second place and our self worth is the point of reference to our strength.7

But evil attacks our self esteem for a reason, if you do not know who you are or whose you are then everything goes. Very easy. Evil defame our identity because they are attempting to break down our self esteem, our self esteem is our strength and joy of the Lord that is rooted in our heart. you and I make right decision based on were your self esteem is, why do you think two people can be gang-stalked and harassed, demoralized, humiliated, lied against? One takes his/her life because they feel hopeless in the gang-stalking attack while the other is still strong and not focusing on sight but walking in faith? (faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen).

Two boxers in the ring, one is hitting so hard and the other is bruised, severely wounded and disgraced but all of a sudden the wounded boxer lunches a deadly blow to the right point at the right time and the winning boxer finds himself on the floor and the wounded boxer TKO the boxer that seem to be winning, its all in the mind. The wounded solder spoke to himself, I am not going down without a fight, with all his last strength he hit the excerpt point and he disgrace his oppressor, just like Samson in the bible, Delilah has tricked him into sin because he played around an atmosphere of sin, but he asked God for a last strength because the enemy has tied him up to give him the last disgrace, public humiliation but God showed mercy and gave him strength and the bible says Samson killed far more enemy while he was dying than when he was alive.How-to-Trust-God-with-Your-Future-8.30-300x250

Now I want to show you so many ways humanity is under satanic attack through the narcissistic gang-stalking predatory persecution, points most targeted Individuals are not focusing on. Electronic attack is not the only way the human take over program (gangstalking), they are using powers, they are penetrating were it counts (our authorities), they are taken over and we are distracted from the truth.

Now today I will talk about other aspect of satanic onslaught against human race, if you do not have God almighty on your side, you can not escape this DETERMINED armies of satan. WE NEED GOD, PRAYER and MEDITATION is absolutely necessary.

Ritual Gang-stalking

Gang-stalking, Satanic Ritual, witchcraft, secret society, occult, religious cult, coven involves nudity, the use of symbolism and in the most extreme, acts of sacrifice to satan (Ritual). The hidden knowledge in Occult does not allow the untrained eye to see the secret of destruction planed for humanity unless that person is chosen by God (chosen Individuals by the victorious kingdom of God who are Targeted Individuals by the defeated kingdom of darkness) and has the ability of discernment. Cults rites and rituals are considered highly sacred.

Nudity, sex orgies (see my blog on The man and The mind) where we feel the most vulnerable as human, generating dark energy and emotions, mental control over the awareness of their vulnerability. But nudity is a requirement in any satanism. In contrast to gang stalking, the Occult can introduce other aspects than to illuminate the mind of the gang-stalkers (human spirit possessed by demons) that is the knowledge to control and dominate others with the deeper fear of the unknown through demoralization, threats, harassment etc. This allows perpetrators the illusion around a targeted person. However, what the Occult, satanists etc takes interest in more than anything is what kind of effect the ILLUSIONS makes in the life of the Targeted Individuals. They purposely re-enact situations amongst those within a cult, secret society etc using members as subjects. The purpose of this is to test the strength of the techniques. Those that are powerful enough to have effect on one of their own are considered to be immensely powerful and are therefore found to be useful in application to targets. Satan careless about anyone even the people that serve him, he keeps his satanic armies faithful through FEAR and THREAT.

gang stalking What targets should be aware of is that a lot of what they can witness can be deceiving in that the use of technology, harassment and control by fear can make it easy to convince anyone into thinking there are powers at work. witchcraft involved the abilities of conditioning the mind of a person to work to SUBCONSCIOUS commands (Reverse psychology).

Majority of the Targeted Individuals are not receptive to social conditioning, they may at one point of their life reached an higher level with God and some are deliberately chosen for such a time as now, these are subsequently targeted as a result.

Targets Individuals are harassed, discredited, bullied, ostracized, demoralized etc at work and socially, slandered by perpetrators to eventually become isolated to the point they want to take their own lives. Perpetrators of this crime use as many resources to ensure the crime is kept at distance, indirect and aim to do so leaving minimal evidence.

There are technologies that are in existence that can be used on others to hurt and abuse them out of sight from the target. However, in regards to the occult, there are methods of psychological control that can act upon the body to induce illnesses a far more calculating attack you will say.

Sex involves the whole Spirit, Soul and mind of a person. So I can understand why this act has been chosen as a weapon against humanity (watch my youtube VIDEO on Sexually Transmitted Demons) the ritual or sexual perversion, 60 satanist have sex with just one person, but the truth is that they are actually spiritually breaking down the spirit of that person to 60 places, spiritually splitting the persons soul and alcohol and drugs are introduced to keep the person spiritually divided as the sexual lust is encouraged to keep the person further away from God.

This initiation involves willful person or unwilling person interested in satanism, if you have ever participated in orgies, group sex, you have opened your self to satanism and you are bewitched (meaning you are a blind witch. You do not willingly attend meeting but while you sleep you are transported spiritually to be used and abused you need deliverance fast to get your spirit back together, to restore your soul and to mend your slitted heart.

6SOLUTION: Prayer of forgiveness, ask God to forgive your involvement in the occult or satanism. Free yourself from people that surrounds you that are involved in this evil act and Jesus Christ will step into the situation to help you, the holyspirit will protect you.


Organ harvesting Gang-stalking

Sensitization is perhaps one of the most commonly reported experience in gang stalking. Scenario

of sensitizing you to a thing, a situation or a person, then this thing, this situation and this person is repeatedly placed around you, so you can connect yourself to this, this is a mind control procedure to become to notice something that has been present around you yet we do not notice it at the time until, either through choice or introduction from a friend or through reading literature we eventually come to notice it. used often in advertising to gain our attention.

Advertising has been thoroughly researched even before television came into our lives and is something that is known to provoke emotions within us. Those emotions can take hold of us and can effectively use up our energy. If this stimulus is continued for long enough, it can become an unwanted trigger which is what most gang stalkers use to program their targets (reverse Psychology)

then the use of Organ (human spare part) Organ harvesting is a clear evidence that satan hates humans, if someone by accident or by personal choices looses their organ, it fails and the doctors who believes they are God can not manufacture new organ to replace the failed organ then this demonic medical practitioners begin an illegal organ harvesting please see my (News and event page) they gang-stalk people through your medical history information and if your organ matches the one they need, you are a dead man walking. And also the need to write down that your organ can be used when you are dead to help others hmmmmmmmm wrong decision for your organ to be used you need to be alive, so you must be killed or murdered for them to take the organ and for it to be useful (it is only common sense).

trust-in-man.jpgSOLUTION: God is the only creator and if we trust, obey and serve him, he can replace any and every organ he manufactured. So common sense says worship your God, serve Him in spirit and in truth and so shall you be preserved in the midst of all this satanic gang-stalking craziness.

By the strips of Jesus Christ we are healed of all infirmity, God takes very good care of all His children when they submit to Him in Spirit and in truth.

Initiation Gang-stalking

forces of darkness are always on the look out for new people to initiate into the dark armies, you can be initiated through your blood and covenant made. But a Christians blood is an abomination to satanic initiation when they are blood testy, a christens blood is holy spirit sanctified and it is toxic to devil worshipers but when you are just living life and you are neither here nor there, your blood is a perfect match to the demonic spirit.

SOLUTION: God almighty has to take complete control over our lives because the battle is not flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Theft of property Gang-stalking

Satan is a thief and all his worshipers are like their daddy the devil who steals, kills and destroys, they are criminals, they are liars the gang-stalkers encourage the perpetrators to steal from the Targeted Individuals because they want you to be in an economical vulnerability, situation where they can easily take advantage of you with your full cooperation (remember satan and all his worshipers needs us to willfully cooperate with him for it to be a sin before God almighty which now makes him not guilty of any wrong doing but since your will is involved we are the ones that will be guilty.

SOLUTION: Prayers to protect all our properties and hand them over to the almighty God.


I reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers.

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The Battle is the Lords

Predatory, Narcissistic, witchcraft, Antichrist, Gang-stalking War against the children of God

The word of God says that, they that knows their God shall be strong and do exploits. how true is the word of God, you need to know your God in other to have strength and do unbelievable things, dominating means having God totally involved.

the human race is under attack, attack by demonic armies but as we all know demons cannot operate here without a bodysuit (Human body) they need permission or sin to be able to use the human body, and they have gotten so much access especially through sex, creating an over sexed generation which means easy atmosphere to breed demonic possessions, Gang-stalking predatory satanic armies,  execute psychological controls. Terrorism (harm or threats of harm to the Targeted Individuals who are free thinkers and under the authority of God (the authority demons hate with a passion) this predatory delinquent involves witchcraft, (black) magic, the black arts, witchcraft, wizardry, the occult, occultism, enchantment, spell, incantation, necromancy, divination, voodooism, voodoo, hoodoo, witching, medicine, shamanism.

The Rattler-snake attack: human under demonic possession submit to the god of this world, the only god they know and believe through deception, this deceptive spirit all backed up by the Antichrist spirit are the spirit behind the manipulation of peoples mind but they operate through gang-stalkers and their perpetrators (through witchcraft), this rattler-snake like spirit which causes venomous contamination, malicious gossips. This spirit causes toxic and noxious relationships. It causes pain and discomfort. It causes confusion, it causes hemorrhaging of joy, peace, finances, natural and spiritual resources.

Solution: Divine Intervention, PRAYER. Father I decree and declare that there will be no more hemorrhaging, our joy will not leak out, our peace will not leak out, our resources will not hemorrhage anymore. Bind up the wound. Father we decree and declare that deterioration, disorientation, disillusionment and devastation are destroyed. Every kind of fatality that this spirit causes is reversed…allegations, abusive relationships, and death. I decree and declare that this is reversed. We are freed, our children are freed, our family is freed, our loved ones are freed, We intervene right now through prayer, we intercept the activities of this spirits in the name of Jesus. Father we decree that we shall not hold bitterness, falsehood, jealousy, slander, envy, defiant or offenses in our hearts towards anyone. These spirits shall not control us. Free us from negative emotions. Father we come against hunters of the night, those that camouflage themselves and those that slider under rocks to hide awaiting the right moment to strike at us. We pull the covers off of their charades, we decree and declare that the camouflage, falsehood, duplicity, hypocrisy, We pull the cover off.

We decree and declare that they are exposed. The camouflage of falsehood is exposed in the name of Jesus. Duplicity, fraudulent activities, disloyalty and deception we destroy you by the power of God. We decree every weapon formed against us is impotent. Every threat constructed malfunctions, every diabolical contract is nullified, every smear campaign fails, every evil curse is reversed and sent back to its originated double-fold, every spiritual snake, wolf in sheep clothing, raven, vulture, leech and vampire is paralyzed in Jesus Name!

The Anaconda attack: attacks with the intention to strangulate us until death, that is the reason you see some targeted Individuals commit suicide because of this spirit which strangulates and suffocate until you commit suicide when you do not see any hope of been resuscitated by its attack.

Solution: PRAYER Father destroy the anaconda-like spirit. Deliver us from great waters, water spirits, spirits of the deep, spirits of the underworld. Father we decree and declare we shall not be overwhelmed or drowned in sorrow, sadness, depression, helplessness, hopelessness, death in the name of Jesus, You set us free, whom the son sets free is free indeed. Father we thank you oh God, we are coming out. We are not losing our breath. We are not losing control.
Father you are in control of our lives. We are like Job. We are saying though you slay us yet will we trust in you for we know our redeemer lives. Father, cause terror to strike their hearts—with your, glory to God, thunders and hailstones. Destroy them with coals of fire, fire glands and lightening. Make bright your arrows and stop them in their path, make their poisonous fang-like weapons ineffective. Break their fangs. Grant me immunity by the anti-viral effect of the blood of Jesus Christ. Destroy the serpents eggs Hallelujah! …the nesting, pestering and incubating, hallelujah, before they hatch. Destroy the vipers-like spirit in the name of Jesus.We decree and declare that even as it’s nesting and pestering.

People of God, We serve an exceptional God, a comforting God, all powers belongs unto Him and also unto Him belongs mercy. God all mighty was never placed on His throne so therefore no one can never, ever dethrone Him. to subdue evil we need to know our God, get close to Him, separate ourselves from darkness and all it represents in this world, cut away evil communication that will bewitch you and I in other to subdue us. knowing our God is what gives us assurance either we will win or loose the battle.

Mental Manipulation and witchcraft, of everyone surrounding us is the power to control the minds of others, influencing their thoughts and actions. The power to exert control over the mind of an individual , is the power to control the minds of others, influencing their thoughts and actions.

My Prayer to every child of God that is been attacked by satanic predatory, narcissistic, gang-stalking armies:

PRAYER: Heavenly Father In your name I break free from every evil thoughts, physic power, projections, suggestions, innuendos that have been designed to discourage, mislead or confuse me or anyone around me. Destroy evil spiritual transferences. Cancel illegal soul ties, ego-entanglements, unravel and severe ego entanglements, Wash me and I shall be clean. Free me from satanic emotional manipulations and black mail.


from Lady Abimbola

Building and fortifying your mindset

Let His Mind be in You

As we wrestle not against flesh and blood (Humans that Gang-stalks us) but against the spirits that operates through them which are the Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.2.jpeg

Though we live in a world were we see humans attacking us but there are powers this humans have subjected themselves to, this is an Antichrist power, powers that opposes God and anything that is drawn towards God, so battles are carried out were it is not so conspicuous to the simple minded, a place most people will not even realize a battle is going on, but the outcome of the battle reflects the issues of life in the physical, He who wins the battle in the mind, wins the battle between good and evil.

Creator God needs only one thing from us? Let (Allow / Permit) His mind (The mind of God) be in you (Us, all of Gods children, Targeted by the forces of darkness) as it was also in Christ Jesus.

When God sent His only and precious son to fulfill all that was required to redeem men back to a sound relationship with His creator, the battle for the soul of man started (we wrestle not flesh nor blood) the powers against us are powers against God, so we are guaranteed victory in this battle because, no one can challenger God almighty and win. So this should be our guide that the battle is not ours to fight because the war has been won on mount calvary, we need to just obey the laws of mount sanai and stand our grounds against darkness and we discipline our mind from drifting into darkness towards the level of the beast

Building the mind in warfare

The warfare: In a war, their will be the victorious and the defeated side, the victorious side will hold captive the defeated side.

The victorious side in the war:

  1. Dominates
  2. Claims Territories: Economical territories (that is why we are economically strangulated), spiritual territories (that is why we cannot pray), Ecclesiastes territories, juridical territories (that is why we loose legal battles), family territories (he reason for division, lack of love and divorce), social territories (that is why we are black balled from th society) etc I hope you get it
  3. Give a binding law to restrict (enslave) the defeated

The defeated side in the war:

  1. Submits
  2. Forfeits Territories: the defeated forfeits territories unwillingly because he is defeated in the battle
  3. Accept every unfavorable conditions by the victorious side

God has given us jurisdictional legal rights on different territories, which we hand over to satan ignorantly through his deceptive ways.

The battle in the mind Is most significant to us far more than most of us understand and as long as satan can fight us silently were we are not concentrating on fighting he would always defeat us, gang-stalkers are not in control, God is in control but as long as we are ignorant of the mind battle we are subject to loosing the battles we should be winning. the battle in the mind is the warfare against the process of Holiness (evil is fighting the process to Holiness) because Holiness gets us closer to a godly atmosphere, when we are in total submission to God and we are in control of the mind (by taking captive every irrelevant thoughts and words that are toxin to our spiritual growth) and loosing is very costly. the battle of faith, victory is sure. An healthy mindset comes from our convictions on who’s report we believe, do you believe the words of evil that has been spoken over you by narcissistic, predatory gang-stalkers who has the mandate to steal, kill and destroy you and I through our senses? (Ref: to my last Blog The Man and the Mind) as evil throws negative thoughts to us, we counter attack it in mind with the word of God and if the thought persist then you shout out loud the same word of God, because sometimes satan and his bunch of rascal demons are deaf, so you need to remind them who is in control.

epictetus-quote-lbq2h6s.jpgIt is a warfare but you have to continuously insist on what you believe not what all your senses are trying to convince you to believe (Senses are controlled by flesh, influenced by spiritual wickedness in high places)

satan is a determined and stubborn foe so, when you are not ready to go all the way and be victorious this blog is not for you. As the warfare intensifies satan throws things our way, for no other reason but to stop our spiritual growth. He who controls the mind, controls the man.

  1. Unforgivingness: the enemy of our soul has no intention of fighting by obeying the rules, in his battle, satan fights ruthlessly, but determined all he wants is win and have our soul as a trophy so back to our senses, a demon jumps into a sinful person to anger us an draw us into bitterness that leads to unforgivingness. Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body, the spirit of man that determines how the story ends, the flesh is just there to get us in trouble with our creator and it is the main weapon of the enemy, the soul (will,emotions and intellect) unforgivingness happens with two main senses, what we hear and what we see, then our central processing unite gets emotional about it and willfully (the soul takes it as a command) the soul conveys to the spirit that the body saw and heard this and has decided to be bitter and hold grudges then the spirit understand the human free wee will is involved, though the spirit is already with God now is unable to connect to all the blessings and protections we rightfully deserve because Unforgivingness is sin, and sin separates us from God.Solution: For give all as Jesus forgave us on calvary but it does not mean that we should wine and dine with people that offends us because they obviously can be easily manipulated and used against our spiritual growth.
  2. Fear: main weapon against our mind, though it looks harmless but it is a huge sin to walk in fear as a child of God. Solution: God has not given us the spirit of fear but of SOUND MIND of POWER and of LOVE.
  3. Sexual immorality: A no go area for a child of the most high God, sexual act is dangerous when you have not been given permission by God through marriage to participate in it. (see my video on Sexually Transmitted Demons)
  4. two bodies come together, joined together but the emotions are created through the spirit, Soul of man (man is a SPIRIT who has a SOUL, intellect, will, emotions and lives in a body) in sexual intercourse the BODY SUIT of man join together and the SPIRITS locks up each other, the SOUL exhibits emotions,  the human being in his entirety is involved in this act that means humans are most vulnerable to demonic possession during this sexual act  and that is SPIRITUAL DEATH if you are not covered by the marriage covenant (which is our Divine protection against darkness) then we have made an unwise choice. as we participate, we shear each others demons, which means if you have a demons of unrighteousnesses preventing you from seeking God and you have sex with someone that has demons of perversion, depression, oppression, madness, heavy heart wickedness, suicide, murder and lust etc then you have just opened yourself to all this other demons. they posses you uninvited because you do not have divine covering (marriage covenant) and every-other sex made outside of marriage is sin and sin is the legal right satan and all his demons have to take over our body.

Solution: stay away from sexual sin because it is a willful choice to enslave ourself. if you can not stay then get married.

Fortifying a mindset with grace

A grateful heart: Grace is an unmerited favor from God towards mankind, when we show we are grateful towards our father in heaven, he returns it with divine protection and his arms of love surrounds us and gives us peace in the midst of ciaos in the mind.

Praise and thanks given: Praise towards God is something forces of darkness can not stand because we are praising God instead of satan a defeated foe they worship, but when we show our vulnerability and our total submission to Gods authority then things happens beyond our expectations, paul and salas praise God in the midst of captivity and their problems was beyond words and they showed confidence in God by their praises and God stepped into the situation and freed his own children that called upon Him through praises.

Meditation: On the word of God and having Total Trust in God, morning meditation is really good but as children of God, we are instructed to meditate continuously on the word of God.


I am from the Federal Republic of Nigeria but reside in the United Europe of gang-stalkers. I speak, English, German, Italian, French and little Chinese, I studied Information technology, and I have been pushed out of the working system by gang-stalking predatory program, forced into unemployment and hindered from any form of employment, trying to stabilize my on-line projects with the hope of a stable income, continuous theft of my properties, daily harassment and defamation of my character as an attempt to mentally subdue me.

I am a self proclaimed activist against Gang-stalking predatory witchcraft program which is a crime against humanity, it is an illegal program, carried out legally in a silent and unsuspecting manner, by supporting this website it shows you have chosen not to be silent about injustice.

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