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I am living in the United Europe of Gang-stalkers. A professional in Information Technology, Web Master and a certified Microsoft Professional. a self proclaimed advocate for Targeted Individual and a spoke person against predator, narcissistic Gang-stalking and Mobbing program. after years of living abroad, I have been thrown into the Gang stalking Persecution harassment program, please join me in the campaign against gang-stalking persecution, it is a crime against humanity. the problem is not targeted Individuals crying out loud to the world but it is against Principalities, Powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Please Join me!! If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. thank you.

Book Review: Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say by Bishop Boone

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Book Review: Alkaline herbal Medicine Dr Sebi

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Dr Sebi (click the link)

Alfredo Darrington Bowman (26 November 1933 – 6 August 2016),[1] and affectionately better known as Dr. Sebi. we show appreciation for sharing your insight into the power of nature, home grown solutions and the awareness of power of the melanin body, the African Bio Mineral Balance, and the energy of common basic plant nourishment and herbs in supporting our well being and imperativeness. You were a vehicle for information. I cherish you for the hardships you have confronted in spreading the information of an antacid eating routine despite difficulty (probably you were assassinated for your discoveries and put to shame the lies of medicin)

The African Bio Mineral Balance bolsters the sound articulation of the African genome in all individuals. By Aqiyl Aniys

Table of Contents – Alkaline Herbal Medicine Chapter

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1: Medicinal Herbs — Supporting the Electric African Genome 1 Ecosystem
2 Plants and the Ecosystem 3 What is a Medicinal Herb? 4 Medicinal Herbs and the Body’s Natural Healing Process 5 Medicinal Herbs for the Electric Genome of Homo Sapiens 6 The Electric African Genome and Body 7 Neanderthal Genome 10 Healthy Expression of the Common African Genome 13 Chapter

2: Alkaline Plant Food 17 Alkaline Plant Foods and Herbs Support the Alkaline Body 18 Water 20 Protein? 20 Nitrogen Saturated Plant Foods 22 Milk 23 Energy 23 Cleansing 23 Oils 24 Seasonings 24 Herbal Teas 24 Sugars 24 Chapter

3: Medicinal Herbs 26 Harvesting Medicinal Herbs 27 Roots 27 Leaves 28 Flowers 28 Drying Herbs 28 Bulk Herbs 30 Making Herbs 31 Infusion 33 Preparation 33 Decoction 34 Preparation 34 Grinding Herbs, Encapsulation, and dosage 34 Grinding 35 Encapsulation 36 Dosage 37 Children’s Dosages 39 Clarke’s Rule 39 Chapter

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4: Alkaline Medicinal Herbs 41 Herbs And Properties 42 Arnica 43 Burdock Root 44 Batana 45 Bladderwrack 46 Blessed Thistle 47 Blue Vervain 48 Cascara Sagrada 49 Chaparral 51 Cocolmeca 52 Contribo 53 Damiana 54 Elderberry 55 Eyebright 56 Guaco 58 Huereque 59 Hombre Grande 60 Hops 61 Hydrangea 62 Lavender 63 Lily of the Valley 65 Nettle 67 Nopal 68 Prodigiosa 69 Red Clover 70 Rhubarb Root 71 Sage 72 Santa Maria 73 Sapo 74 Sarsaparilla 75 Sea Moss 76 Sensitiva 77 Shea Butter 78 Tila 79 Urtila Oil 80 Valerian 81 Yellow Dock 82 Yohimbe 83 Old Sebi Herbs 85 Current Estro Product 85 Past Estro Product 85 Other-Sebi Herbs 86 Guinea Hen Weed 86 Mullein 88 Non-Sebi Herbs 89 Black Seed 89 Chapter

5: Herbal Combinations 90 Dr. Sebi’s Herbal Products 91 Cell Food Products 92 Packages 92 Combining Herbs 93 Parts 94 The Foundation 95 Calcification Remover 96 Pancreas and Endocrine Support 97 Gut and Cell Cleanser 97 Brain and Nerve Support 98 Uterine Support (Antifibroid) 99 Vaginal Canal Wash 100 Male Support 100 Cell Energizer 101 Nutrient Support 101 Lupus Buster 102 Complex Diseases 102 Chapter

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6: Resources 104 Dr. Sebi’s Office, Inc. 104 Herbs of Mexico 104 Natural life Energy 105 The God Awakening Diet 105 Alkaline Herbal Medicine

Back Cover Alkaline Herbal Medicine gives insight into many of the herbs used in Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance to support health and vitality. It covers scientifically supported properties, preparation, doses and dosages, and how to combine herbs. It addresses alkaline foods on the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide, and their chemical affinity with and support of the electric body. Related imageThe natural order in life designed the body to be healthy and heal under the right conditions. These conditions are programmed into the DNA of Homo Sapiens, whose base DNA makeup is the African genome. Diets centered on the consumption of natural alkaline plant foods and ample exposure to the sun supported the healthy expression of the African genome. The environment of Africa, and environments similar to Africa, produced life that developed with a complete and balanced electrical structure. The plant life that grew in these environments grew under optimal conditions in nutrient rich soil under year long exposure to the sun. The resulting chemical makeup of these natural alkaline plants protected them from environmental stresses. Africans originally ate diets centered on the consumption of these plants, like the great apes of Africa, and the programming of the African genome used the protective nature of these plants’ nutrients to support its vibrancy. A scientific model supports the idea that Africans migrated out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago into the less hospitable environments of Europe and Asia. These environments didn’t support the healthy expression of the African genome and resulted in the mutation of the gene and the development of the Neanderthal of Europe and Denisovan of East Asia. Science has linked diseases like lupus, Crohn s disease, and type 2 diabetes to the Neanderthal gene. The Neanderthals, who inhabited the Neandertal caves in Germany, ate diets centered on the consumption of meat. The combination of their meat-centered diet and adverse relationship with the sun led to the development of dis-ease in the body. Now, the meat-centered diet is being globalized and is spreading disease throughout the world*. An alkaline plant-centered diet and the use of alkaline herbal medicine naturally support the healthy expression of the African genome in all people. Pharmaceutical medicine is built on the power of medicinal herbs because around fifty percent of its drugs are derived from herbs. The issue is industry has strategically conditioned people to forget about the healing power of natural alkaline herbs. I dedicate this book in the memory of Alfredo Bowman lovingly known as Dr. Sebi. He helped us to remember that natural alkaline herbs and plant foods support the healthy expression of the African genome that is in all people. He did this by sharing his African Bio Mineral Balance methodology.

DR Sobi set up for Murder?

Review: Dr. Welsing’s The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)

Frances Cress Welsing (born Frances Luella Cress; March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016) was an American Afrocentrist[1] psychiatrist. Her 1970 essay, The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy),[2] offered her interpretation on the origins of what she described as white supremacy culture.

In Dr. Welsing’s book on The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)

She explained the delutional racism as a global system which includes Economics, Education, politics, labour, entertainment and law. This system is ment to banbozoo the whole human race to believe the minority albinoid race is majority and the deception about the majority melanin race been the minority opposite of the reality.

She explained in details why the albinoid can never or an unable to love the melanin race, it is because thier race will disappear so racism is the means of fighting for thier survival at the expense of the melanin race. she made it clear that Albinoid race totally are depedent on the melanin race for their exsistence and they are ment on making the melanin race assiste in their suvival theough mind control, brain washing and reverse phycology.

The reason inter racial marriagrs are encouraged by the media and the albinoid race is simply for thier survival, it has nothing to do with love, melanin women are their breeding machine to breed albinoid children while the melanin men are brain washed into self destructive, sexual lust of omosexuality that breeds nothing but STD, they make them jobless and redundant enough to self destruct and gang stalk them to make sure their expected end is destruction and death.

While the albinoid man plants his seeds and grow his race through mind controled melanin women the black man throws away his seeds through homosexuality and heading towards melanin genocide.

she made it clear that The Albinoid fear the most white genetic annihilation, this  consums their sense of rational reason to the point of commitong omicide ( racism is all intertwine withe the albinoid suvival) its an everlasting hatred they can not be healed of, white supremist will not be relinquished as long as the melanin race exsist.

In conclution the melanin race is A TARGET either you learn why you can be killed at any time without mercy (read medical Aparthied) and learn how to run for your life (the strategy is to break you down economically. morally, emotionally etc read Traumatic slave syndrom) by been aware of who you are dealling with, why they hate you, why they will kill you without thinking twice, why you should position yourself inother not to become a casualty of their prevention of albinoid genetic genocide.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing debate a White Supremacist

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Review: We are different by Dr Laila Afrika

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Dr Lleila Afrika:

Dr Lleila Afrika indepth of melanin is beyond every study I have ever made.

Dr Leila Afrika startrd by specifying that there are two types of melanin in mammals, the brownish black eumelanin and the reddish yellow pheomelanin (Albinoid).

Dr lleila made it clear that Melanin is also in the albinoid but very little percentage while the melanin dominated race is super himan because melanin makes our brain comprehend and synchronize things properly, the more civilized. The more sound we hear, the more we taste with the highest rate of vitamin and mineral.

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Melanin is far beyond skin pigmentation, it is what makes the body synchronized properly. We leave in the world were melanin are analyzed based on values far below our human capabilities and value (albinoid values).

The eumelanin woman has a miracle breast milk compared to albinoid woman (thats why melanin women ate asked to hrlp breast feed white woman’s baby from slave age.

Now dr lleila statrd our DNA is melanin, What is DNA? DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).

This is the reason we have black eumelanin and the reddish yellow pheomelanin (albinoid).

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To be completed. …….

Book Review: ANALYSIS: Black Brain, White Brain – The new wave of racist science By Gavin Evans

Here we go again!!!! Albinoid will always discover, rediscover, rediscover every way to justify their hatred towards Melanin race.

This writer claims that difference in race is an impediment and that looking at different populations, groups etc filled with differences with all kind of genes that differ from others EG sickle cell aneamia people that are poor. The melanin race have a lower IQ and melanin people according to him are lesser intelligent than the white race (Mr Writer Low IQ does dramatically increase the chance to be in poverty. That is common fucking sense) please do not mistake Slave age AS WEAKNESS, it does not qualifies a perticular race to be Superior or inferior, I believe the silence of melanin race has qualify us to be less intelligent???) I have nothing to review in this book than conclud that it is a racial biased bull crap.

Brain Packer stated in his impression on Gavin evans book review !!! Fail !!!! The author Gavin evans has a PhD in politics and is a journalist, NOT a scientist. His scientific hobby has not given him the ability to dismiss some of the most salient claims. Therefore, he focuses his need to be ‘right’ by dismantling bad science. Yes, Mr. Evans, IQ tests are not scientific, however, neanderthal genes are spread everywhere but Africa. We know from the black fox study in Russia that fur color and small changes have huge effects on intelligence and behavior (domestication). Bottom line, you searched for information that backs your initial claim to be right, not scientific. Your book is just as worthless as the books it claims to debunk.


Book review: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrom (Dr Joy Degruy)

I am overwhelmed with grief and really traumaticed as I went through (Post traumatic slave syndrom by Dr Joy Degruy) it is such a pathetic situation but how can you get apologies from people when they do not believe they have even done anything wrong.
creating eternal pain in the hearts of Melanin people who has never had the previledge to be cured of the trauma of slavery, I personally believe that RACISM is ment to be a TRIGGER for the melanin people to place us under permanent emmotional instability.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A trauma trigger is an experience that causes someone to recall a previous traumatic memory, although the trigger itself need not be frightening or traumatic and can be indirectly or superficially reminiscent of an earlier traumatic incident. Trauma triggers are related to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition in which people often cannot control the recurrence of emotional or physical symptoms,[1] or of repressed memory.[2][3][4] Triggers can be subtle and difficult to anticipate,[1][5] and can sometimes exacerbate PTSD. A trauma trigger may also be referred to as a trauma stimulus or a trauma stressor.[6]

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The writer Post Traumatic Slave Syndrom (Dr Joy Degruy) made it clear that the Behavior pattern of the Melanin people is bassed on unapologetic, nonchalant attitude of Albinoid and continuos psychopathic racist TRIGGER has crippled the melanin race.


the writer made mention of slavery were all melanin exsistence was targeted for traumatic experiences, over 20 million people was taken from Africa and only about 900 thousand made it to their slave plantation (still yet the Albinoids sociopathic and psychopathic mindset is not seen as a threat to humanity), melanin men were lynched, castrated for been over fruitful, reduced to less than animals, used as experimental guinea pigs, denied them of thier manhood, watch while thier wives. Daughters are sexually molested by Albinoids and they cannot protect the females in thier life that they are born to protect, damaging his ability to see family the way he used to see it back in Africa.

The writer also stated that the melanin women were not spared, the melanin woman are brought up respecting thier body, thier culture and the family is everything to them been an epitome of grace and virtuosness in thier primitive life. Slavery exposed the melanin women to traumaticed sexual abused and the Albinoid, as always justified thier actions claiming the Virgin innocent slaves were promiscuous (still yet the Albinoids sociopathic and psychopathic mindset is not seen as a threat to humanity), the sexually violated, emotionally brutalised and psychologically traumatized slaves gets pregnant she is accused of promiscuity by the terroristic abusers thereby qualifies to be used as guinea pig for the psychopathic Albinoids scientists to practice cesarean, thier first attempt according to the writer is to rip her tight cervix apart through the birth canal without anesthesia or any formb of medication (still yet the Albinoids psychopathic mindset is not seen as a threat to humanity).

By law during slavery albinoid woman cannot be raped but the rape of a melanin virgin girl is taken BY LAW to be a correctional means to submition to slave master (paused to clean my tears).

After (pressumed) end of slavery the albinoid sent the KKK after the melanin people (they used to were hoods to cover thier faces from been recognized now they were suits and suthorisef uniform of the government.

To be continued. ………

Result of Post Traumatic Slave syndrum

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The Albinoid took over and enjoyed the melanin woman while the Melanin men watch helplessly (Post traumatic slave syndrom)

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Reference to more detailed Medical omicide of the melanin peop

Medical appathiad

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Book review: Brainwashed, Challenging the myth of black inferiority (Tom Burrell)

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As a device this book focused on solutions from the slave mentality been Mentally conditioned can etch away at the concretized misguided judgments concerning melanin race. As we kill ideas of melanin mediocrity, we pour new concrete to reinforce a superior social establishment in our own particular reality. In his vocation, the writer proudly utilized the standards of brain research and passionate influence to advance items and plans. In this book, in any case, the writer’s plan is to altogether analyze the White predominance and melanin people’s inadequacy marvel and exhibit how it impedes our social, individual, family and financial headway. A definitive objective is to kill as well as switch the negative impacts of this indoctrinating. diving into a large portion of the issues tormenting the melanin people. years of negative promulgation have left a very frightful buildup of melanin inadequacy in the brains of millions. the writer dissects the foundations of the promulgation battle to show how the showcasing of melanin mediocrity and albinoid predominance. The thing to ask is regardless of whether the world’s most noteworthy mentally conditioning effort really worked?

Image result wey dey for Brainwashed, Challenging the myth of black inferiority (Tom Burrell)

Melanin (Relationship Wrecks, economically incompetence, educational impediments, stigmatized social benefit mindset), the writer starts with the issue of why melanin dont have a solid family. Like a wild destroying ball which knocks out everything on its pathway, family issues appear to be hit from each point, and the downfall of the melanin people is exacerbated by the heap of broken family circumstances that prompt reckless conduct provoked by emotional anger of slavery (unresolved anger)

Slave days made it illegal for melanin male to father a child while the woman are to produce more slaves, this form of insanity has crippled the melanin people’s mind.

They end up contaminating the minds of their off spring.

………….. to be continued

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