I am Lady Abimbola, a Spokeswoman against the gangstalking program, the Racist System and the abuse of human fundamental rights.As a targeted individual myself, I face 24/7 harrasment by law enforcement intimidating harrasment, bullying by brain washed citizens, gangstalked by sexual predators, criminal minds, MEN IN BLACK!!! And any available human that believe the GREAT DECEPTION in the gangstalking program.Apart from a well organised daily gangstalking, targeted Individuals are also under a financial monitoring raider as the purpose is to force the targets into a vulnerable position, strangulations their finances is part of the agenda, destitution is thier goal if the target is not cooperative to the anti Christ programing of human destruction, so we are sabotaged when we find work, hindered when we job hunt, every attempt of work, donations, football games betting is sabotaged.Crucified like our saviour, CONDERMED without a crime.My blog, website has the potential to keep doing better and, improvements are needed your support is highly needed and encouraged. To help us improve, we need more hands, for better editing we need gadgets. And most importantly for legal battles we need human rights lawyers that we pay, I am denied of every governmental assistance, just like many like me, we are daily persecuted, and hindered, even they abuse power through manipulations, eg donation platform, working agency, WiFi violation, betting games football games. Thier narccistic ruthlessness has no limit as most of them are under oath to do evil by afflicting any human race that does not comply or submit to social MIND CONTROL, the will of thier master.The war is real and people are used as laboratory animals, help save the Human race, don’t turn the other way, I can’t do it alone, I NEED YOU.YOU ARE FREE TO MAKE YOUR DONATION TO SUPPORT US AND ALSO LEGAL FEES AGAINST INJUSTICE.YOUR HELP WILL BE WE’LL APPRECIATED.BY PAYPAL: BANK ACCOUNTCODICE IBAN: IT72H0760111600001038542930ACCOUNT N°: 1038542930)Name: Abimbola. I. AiyegboWRITE TO: (Title: DONATION)

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