Lady Abimbola (Woman of Faith)

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My Name is Abimbola Aiyegbo A Child of the Most high God (A Targeted Individual), born in Lagos, Nigeria to a Yoruba family of eight went to private schools till secondary school level then proceeded to have my first qualification in designs in Nigeria. Moved abroad and lived abroad ever since. in the united Europe of gang-stalkers, I got my second qualification in Information Technology (designs) at Milan and was certified Microsoft professional the same year, I live in South of Tyrol (the German speaking part of IT) in Europe, I am a free lance Professional and live my adult years here in Europe. I have always been a freelance worker (living with intense racial hatred, Narcissistic, predatory gang stalking, persecution in Italy, theft of my valuable properties, money while this criminals discredit my dignity,

Welcome into My life, A woman of honor, Dignity and Faith.

I love my profession in information technology, I love to teach, write, paint. Network marketing and build my empire keeping in mind my father’s legacy and name but I have always worked hard for everything I have, I try my best to be well informed about things I have passion about which includes the way Africans have been globally abused despite the fact that all human race originated from Africa this has not guaranteed respect for Africans. Melanin race are pure. a pure and divine race with melanin. been abused, mislead, castigated and hindered from progressing and a TRIGGER of Racism to irritably provoke a slavery reminder to the melanin ppl. This has assisted in crippling for too long melanin race, denied opportunity to excel despite mental, physical, emotional and educational capabilities.

Not sure why you're even talking about me?? I live my life, you live yours. Simple as that.

A target of hospitle experiment and forced blood donation in hospitals , obviously a world system has been created to Abuse. Misuse, hinder. Limit. Oppose and deny any melanin that tries to excel beyond orchestrated level but this is determined only if their success will favor the Albinoids. May I clarify that I am not directing this to the melanin that has been broken down and brainwashed to own detriment, This is to the Melanin that wants to know more about themselves and survive as a Targeted Race in the racist system.

Mr and Mrs Aiyegbo (My Beloved Late Parents) I love and miss you so much, facing life all alone has been gruelling but I am resilient. I thank you daddy for seeing the Princess in me Thank you for teaching me Integrity and dignity, thank you dad for helping me know Internal peace in all situation, Thank you for giving me the previledge to be educated in the best schools and not miseducated, I am humbled by this, thank you for family, thank you for I learnt wisdom, patience and virtue from you and thank you Daddy and Mummy for beign my parents, Thank you for taking care of me as much as you can, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU and your name will remain great and your legacy will not perish. SLEEP IN PEACE MY BELOVED PARENT.

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I am here to re-educate dark skin people who I refer to as Melanin race (The pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their colour. Dark-skinned people) and to awaken the fact that slavery may seem to be legally over but it is still very much legally active in a very twisted sinister way, it may not be with chains, wipe or direct enforcement to subject the melanin race to dehumanisation, intense abuse and misused but it is still very much active in a more life-threatening and disingenuous manner (Mind control, Brain washing, reverse psychology of slave mentality “make them think like a slave and they will act like one without chains on their neck”).
and I will be talking about white skinned people who I refer to as Albinoid (That is or resembles an albino; that has the appearance or characteristics of an albino. Hence in weakened use: very pale)
this blog is to educate everyone but intended to reeducate only the Melanin race.
as I begin and progress in this journey I intend to open a chat forum were people can express themselves.

thank you very much please visit my Social Network and Youtube channel link below.
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http://youtube: Melanin and Albinoid

(I am not a Slave to fear) I AM A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD)

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Love you all
Lady Abimbola.I.Aiyegbo
Highly Blessed And Favore

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