1. Public Service Awareness against Gangstalking VIDEO
  2. Gang Stalking is a crime and it must be stoped VIDEO
  3. Free will, Free Soul pt1  VIDEO
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  5. Radiation PT 1 VIDEO
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  10. Invasion of one of many Hotels I lived VIDEO
  11. Invasion of my Villa VIDEO
  12. Invasion of my Home VIDEO
  13. See you in Court Satan) 1 Court of Heaven VIDEO
  14. See you in Court Satan) 2 Spiritual Right VIDEO
  15. See you in Court Satan) 3 Your Soul is the Price 1 VIDEO
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  17. See you in Court Satan) 5 The Blood of Jesus VIDEO
  18. See you in Court Satan) 6 The Book of Revelation (Full video Cast) VIDEO
  19. See you in Court Satan) 7 The names of the Judge VIDEO
  20. 144.000 targeted Individual 1 VIDEO
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  22. 144.000 targeted Individual 3 VIDEO
  23. Oppression against the Targeted Individual 1 VIDEO
  24. Oppression against the Targeted Individual 2 VIDEO
  25. Oppression against the Targeted Individual 3 VIDEO
  26. Shout Out to Targeted Individuals 1 VIDEO
  27. Shout Out to Targeted Individuals 2 VIDEO
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  30. Racial System 1 VIDEO
  31. Racial System 2 VIDEO
  32. Racial System 3 VIDEO
  33. The Game 1 VIDEO
  34. The Game 2 VIDEO
  35. The Albioids Mindset towards the Melanin VIDEO
  36. Making God the Standard for my Life as a Targeted Individual VIDEO
  37. Spiritual Part of Gang Stalking VIDEO
  38. Sexually Transmitted Demons 1 VIDEO
  39. Sexually Transmitted Demons 2 VIDEO
  40. Forgiveness and targeted Individual 1 VIDEO
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  42. Witchcraft Gang-up pt 1 VIDEO
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  48. 144,000 Targeted Individual PT 2 VIDEO
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  50. Gangstalkers, Pepetrators and Targeted Individual VIDEO


  1. Mozart Garden Salzburg, Austria Video


  1. The VIDEO
  2. Website
  3. The Italian Job (how people are Targeted all over the world with the cooperation of Law enforcment of the targeted Country and this people may be abducted if neccesary abducted if neccesary by an ex CIA) this video is about a suspected person assumed to be a terrorist but according to the ex CIA, he was NEVER found guilty of any crime neither did he have a criminal past, his crime to the US gvt was that he spoke his mind and had a firing way of doing it. collaborating with an illegal survellance on him and finally abducted. I have placed this video here to know how people are Targeted and how they send armies of deleguent after the person with gvt approval, mainly all illegal activity, they may attmpt to set you up or create legal problems for you in their harrasment program, the details of this story does not neccesary express my views about the story, it is just used to project the gangstalking programm, how it works and who can be involved.  VIDEO


  1. The VIDEO


  1. MORE Weaknesses & Limitations of the Gang Stalking Program VIDEO
  2. James Harken VIDEO
  3. For Targeted Individuals, & Gang-stalking, Mobbing, EMF/RF/Microwave/Mind Control Technology Victims VIDEO
  4. Servants Research Ministry VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2
  5. Advice to all Targeted Individuals VIDEO
  7. About todays secret persecution that taking place, gang-stalking, targeted individuals VIDEO
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  12. Electronic harassment VIDEO
  13. Dr Robert Duncan VIDEO
  14. Targeted individuals learn about the power of Shungite! EMF protection mineral stone VIDEO
  15. How they maim us inside the home (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) VIDEO
  16. Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed VIDEO
  17. Gang Stalking Law Enforcement, disposition matrix, gov harassment and asset seizure VIDEO
  18. Warren Little VIDEO
  19. Brice Taylor Name names of well known Gangstalkers who has targeted her from birth VIDEO
  20. THIS VIDEO IS FOR ALL THAT AVAIL THEMSELVES TO BE USED BY GANGSTALKERS: ones you join, their is no way out, it is mafia like group. this is a Perpetrator confessing all the crimes he committed for the gangstalkers who are now after hisa own life as he wants out. VIDEO
  21. Vince VIDEO


  1. Bob Marley a Targeted Individual VIDEO 1 / VIDEO 2
  2. Attorney Myron May did this videos 1 or 2 days prior to November 20, 2014 shooting at Florida State University were he set himself up to be shoot by the Police after years of Gang-stalking predator harassment and persecution. (NOTE. This Christian young Lawyer made a terrible mistake given in to the extreme traumatizing narcissistic gang-stalking predator persecution and harassment attack unfortunately for this young man, though he did not kill himself but committed a sin before God by probably shooting the people who participated in his traumatizing gang-stalking Predator persecution and harassment attack, thereby setting up the atmosphere for the law enforcement to take his life by shooting him, how he made the gangst plan so easy. 1. Satan did not want him to make heaven “by killing someone he disqualified himself for heaven without seeking forgiveness from God” 2. satan wanted him not fulfilling his God given destiny 3. satan wants to prove to God how he can easily take Gods children by putting them under sever preasure and persecution. )

VIDEO 1, His detailed Presentation about Targeted Individual.

VIDEO 2, His subliminary message about his intention to end the gang-stalking persecution his own way (PLEASE NOTE: Please (DO NOT TAKE YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, SATAN IS THE FORCE BEHIND GANG-STALKERS, PREDATOR)

VIDEO 3. His final and heart braking truth on Gangstalking, He addressed all the close people that sold him out by becoming a perpetrator that was used to harass and persecute him, (but unfortunately he made the wrong Decision).

Relevant Videos

  1. The reptilians taken over? VIDEO
  3. MASSES LED BY LIES (Lost After School Special) – 2017 This Video is  much watch for the people who are not clear about Gangstalking VIDEO

  4. The Impact Melanin has on Mankind    VIDEO
  5. What did Jesse Duplantis say about BLACK PEOPLE? VIDEO

  6. The TRUTH about your Melanin! (What They Don’t Want You To Know)  VIDEO
  7. State involvement in Gang-stalking VIDEO


The “doll test” is a psychological experiment designed in the Nineteen Forties within the USA to test the degree of marginalization felt by African American children as a result of prejudice, discrimination and racial segregation. Given the vast growth of the phenomenon of migration in Europe in recent years we decided to re-create the test with Italian youngsters. In fact, hundreds of migrants land every yr at the Mediterranean coast in search of a better destiny, some to enhance their economic situations, others are political refugees, fleeing from war zones, discrimination and occasionally ethnic, spiritual or political persecution. 2015 turned into taken into consideration the yr of the ‘invasion’ that threatened to wipe out social, economic and cultural balances in Europe. The increasingly close surveillance of borders and frontiers may want to determine, however, a danger to definitively annihilate any opportunity of discussion or integration. In each European u . S . A . Live many 2d, 0.33 and fourth era migrants, who’re now completely-fledged residents of these international locations, like these Italian kids. Yet, for many, they continue to be ‘exceptional’, ‘foreigners’, a dangerous definition that, nowadays, will be illegitimately paired with the phenomenon of terrorism. Without a serious political and social change in angle, we threat dangerously distorting the perception we have of others, and the belief that others have of themselves.


  1. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  2. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  3. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  4. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  5. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  6. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  7. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  8. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  9. Melanin and Albinoid Doll test VIDEO
  10. Melanin and Albinoid Doll (Indonesia) test VIDEOVIDEO


  1. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  2. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  3. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  4. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  5. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  6. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  7. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test (DEUTSCH) VIDEO
  8. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  9. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO
  10. Brown Eye, Blue Eye Test VIDEO

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